10 Questions after 5 years in the Simple Garden

Personality Gardening

Choosing the right kind of garden based on your own personality can play a large part in how much you will enjoy it, and its ultimate success. Thinking about and planning your garden is bound to bring gardening enjoyment.

Long Lasting Gardening Gift Baskets

There is a wide variety of different garden gift baskets that can be arranged and given as beautiful presents to just about anyone for literally any special occasion. These garden gift baskets make beautiful and unique gifts that are sure to be well received by anyone who enjoys spending time working in their garden. Most large department stores as well as nurseries in your local area are sure to carry gardening gift baskets that you can purchase and then have wrapped so that they look beautiful when given as gifts.

Juniper Bonsai

One of my favorite species as bonsai would have to be the Juniper. No bonsai collection is complete without at least one of these beautiful trees. Most species of Juniper naturally lend themselves well to most styles of Japanese bonsai. With compact growth, fine foliage and branches that can usually be bent and twisted easily, they are a great choice especially for the beginner.

How Much Watering Do Tomato Plants Need?

How much water does your tomato plants need and when is the best time to water them. Here are some great tips on how to maintain the proper amount of water to get the best and juiciest tomatoes that will be your neighbor’s envy.

How to Compost Inexpensively For Your Home Vegetable Garden

Composting is one of the best things you can do to help improve your soil conditions. Before you run out and spend loads of cash, listen in as Mike gives you some creative ideas to compost inexpensively.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Plant Container

From teacups to oil drums, there is nothing you can’t use as an outdoor plant container. Your choice of plants, your decorative style, your budget, and your creative imagination will all influence your plant container choices.

Bonsai Lessons, Spring

Bonsai for the beginner can be daunting at first. I hope to shed some light on the secrets to growing beautiful bonsai trees. Here I’ll discuss re-potting and root-pruning and its importance to our bonsai’s survival.

Container Gardens – How to Spot and Fix Five Common Growing Mistakes

Humorously describes the five most common errors of container gardening: too much water, too little light, wrong size pot, poor soil and not enough nutrients. Tells how to recognize and rectify mistakes to banish that black thumb and grow healthy plants.

Calming Container Gardening

Container gardening is available to anyone who wants to do it. Everyone doing so must be aware that taking on container gardening is a bit like having a cat. The reasons are the pleasure of its making, and the reduction of stress. Like a cat, it demands ongoing attention with its “look at me” demands.

Organic Pest Control – Encouraging Natural Predators

Nature has it’s own unique method of pest control. The encouragement of natural predators can be the answer to your question on preventing pests from attacking your organic garden.

Some Vital Information About Organic Food Farming

In the case of non-organic livestock farming, it is normal for antibiotics to be used for preventing diseases and promoting the growth of livestock, unlike organic food farming. Generally, animals are bigger due to the regular injection of antibiotics. Although certain nations like UK discourage farmers from injecting antibiotics in animals for growth promotion but the practice is very much common in such places.

Arc Hammock Stand – Finding What You’re Looking For

Trying to track down a good arc hammock stand for yourself? Make sure you figure out what you want first before you spend money that you shouldn’t.

Getting Your Plastic Garden Shed

Do you own a lawn or a garden? Overwhelmed with the amount of gardening tools you have purchased recently? Running out of space to store your garden equipments? A great solution to your problem that you can think about is the plastic garden shed.

Growing Strawberries – They Can Be Grown Almost Anywhere

Strawberries are among the most popular summer fruits. Here are a few tips on how to easily grown your own strawberries and and avoid paying supermarket prices.

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