10 Veggies to Plant NOW for a Fall Harvest

Fruit Trees – Easier to Grow Than You Think

Bare root fruit bushes and trees represent an ideal solution to anyone with a long term interest in establishing their own mini orchard without having to spend a lot of time on tending individual trees. Available from commercial suppliers at a low cost, these trees can be planted in gardens and in patio fruit pots, and can produce multiple kinds of produce every year. Cost effective and able to stand up to years of use, a fruit tree will more than make up its value over time.

Tips on How Seeds Germinate and How You Can Make Them

Germination is the term used to describe the sprouting of a plant from a seed or a spore. It occurs when a seed has been planted and watered according to instructions, and it first sprouts a tiny root to anchor it to the soil and access the water.

How Can Aquaponics Make My Life Easier? What Is It and How Can I Do It?

Have you ever wanted to have your own fresher and healthier vegetables but did not want to cultivate, weed or fertilize them in a garden? Then read on to discover how you can get them and still do it with very little work.

Growing Basil From Seed

For me the fresh spicy smell of basil captures the essence of long lazy summer days and eating outside. This versatile herb can be used in all sorts of cooking or added to salads. Here is a short easy guide to growing basil from seed. You don’t need a greenhouse or much know-how.

Gardening How To: Transplanting Your Potted Plants

Plants are constantly feeding and growing. Transplanting your garden plants is crucial to your plants health and vigor.

Lazy Farming

Many of us gardeners enjoy traditional gardening. But then again our heads are turning to aquaponics which is a method of growing plants with water and fish or a lazy farming method. We can single out and do one type of gardening or choose to do both.

Conserving Water in the Garden During a Drought

Every summer somewhere in the country is threatened with a hose pipe ban. This winter has been exceptionally dry and this coupled with the dry summer of last year, will mean there will be a definite shortage of water in many parts. Dry conditions this early on in the year does not bode well for the growing season. However, don’t despair; there are plenty of easy tricks you can do to help cut down on water use in the garden. The most obvious start is to set up as many water butts around your home as you can, but here are a few other handy tips to conserving water in all areas of the garden.

Decorate Your Garden With Flags And Banners

If you are looking to get more color and movement in your garden, then you might consider adding a garden flag. Flags can help you make a statement, herald in the seasons or simply add some color. Find out what to look for in a flag and how to buy one that is perfect for your garden.

A Garden Fountain Can Add A Relaxing Element To Any Garden

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in your garden on a gorgeous summer day. Or is there? Adding a foundation to your garden will create that soothing sound of running water that adds even more of a relaxing feeling to your garden.

Wind Chimes Add To Your Garden Experience

If you like relaxing in your garden, then you’ll love adding wind chimes to your outdoor area. The soothing melodic sounds of these chimes can make your garden even more relaxing! Find out about the different types of chimes and how to choose one that is perfect for you in this article.

Bird Baths Attract Birds To The Garden

If you love having birds in your garden, then you’ll want to invest in a good bird bath. Find out how to choose the perfect one for you and learn why a bird bath will bring more birds to your yard.

Debunking Some Nutritious Food Misconceptions

Most people either have or had a problem with their weight, but they are able to effortlessly solve this problem by eating correctly. Unfortunately, most people have an issue with eating them, since it takes a lot of ingredients to prepare dishes and takes more work to get them to taste right. Most people feel that fruits and vegetables are higher priced, but in the end, they actually cost less to buy than refined snacks and meals. It can be easy to integrate them into one’s daily diet by getting a powerful start; this will also remove a lot of the doubt people have when it comes to healthy foods.

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