12 Perfect Vegetables To Grow in a Shady Garden Space

What You Need to Know About Mini Greenhouses

Greenhouses can be constructed large enough to cover entire lawns or they can be made small enough to fit into patios and verandas. The mini-greenhouses are the perfect structures for gardeners who are a bit limited on space and budget.

Herbal Fragrances Examined

Aroma Therapy Theory The concept of aroma therapy, which uses fragrant essential oils that possess the capacity to make us feel good is thought to stem from the thought that the sense of smell was human’s first sense; an important part of our ‘old brain’ which is not controlled by will or reason. Much like the fight or flight reaction, that which you smell triggers an instant, automatic response within our body, influencing heartbeat, body temperature, desire for food, digestion and remembrance. The majority of the fragrances connected with aroma therapy are natural ones, testifying to…

What Is Aquaponics, And Why Is It Beneficial?

Aquaponics is the integration of raising aquatic animals such as fish with hydroponics, the growth of plants in a water atmosphere. It is a sustainable system that will produce healthy vegetables through the processing of fish effluent, which is high in nutrient content.

Let The Weather Be Your Guide When Gardening in December

Cool weather in December means less plant growth in Southern California, however, keep an eye on the weather and be ready to take action to keep winter gardens looking beautiful. Pay Attention to the Weather: December typically brings some rain and cold nights, but the month could also produce hot winds that can dry out flowerbeds and vegetable gardens in as little as a day. When hot weather hits, make sure your plants are well watered.

Medicinal Herbs – 5 Benefits of Healing Herbs

Herbs have been used for 1000’s of years for healing. Now, natural products researched by scientific researchers is discovering just how botanical teas, lotions, and tinctures work. Herbal remedies today use plants that were used by early civilizations.

What Is Discing and What Can It Do for You?

If you love planting vegetables, you surely hate the time when you are about to harvest them, right? It’s not because you will spending a lot of time to harvest your crops, but it is the time and energy that you need to spend when breaking the soil on your farm. However, there is a method that you can use which will surely help you save a lot of time and energy, and that is the method called discing.

CFL Grow Light – Questions to Ask When Selecting a Grow Light

The first question to ask about any grow light is “Will this grow light give me enough light?” To be effective, you need to shine enough light on the plants for them to get the energy to convert carbon dioxide to essential nutrients. A general rule of thumb is to measure 30 to 40 watts of light to cover a single square foot. Therefore, a 600 watt CFL grow light would cover approximately 15 to 20 square foot.

All You Need to Know About the Mistletoe Plant

Christmas is just around the corner and you can plant mistletoe in your home garden to decorate your property. The cuttings of mistletoe can be used for indoor decorations as they remain vibrant and green for a long time. Hanging the mistletoe cuttings in homes is a popular Christmas tradition that has spread throughout the world and Christmas decoration is considered incomplete without them.

Growing Roses Is Easy When You Know the Basics

There is no substitute for roses when it comes to blessing our lives with grace and beauty. Unfortunately roses have a name for being a difficult plant to care for. While some rose plant owners find this to be true, others find it easy when they take steps to find out the proper care that is necessary for their roses.

Information on the Aquaponics Commercial System

Attaining a commercial system in ways that it’s tremendous, not just in your backyard. The production facility should really be eco friendly to cultivate larger scale fish, fresh fruits or vegetables. This article explains this more.

Winter Digging

It is often voiced that:” its winter and there is nothing to do in the garden” Well that is so far from the truth because fall or early winter digging is of incalculable value to the soil. Soil that is turned over and left to the weather is purified and sweetened by winter rains and frosts.

Successful Steps For Growing Tomatoes

Planting tomato plants can save you money and give you a great deal of enjoyment. However, even though anyone should be able to grow tomatoes, it is not an easy process. Be sure to follow the simple steps and procedures to improve the chance of success when growing tomatoes.

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