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Highly Scented Candles

You can use highly scented candles in many areas of your house. These candles give more than just ambiance with their soft light they also add aroma into the air. This scent can help mask cooking, smoking, and pet odors along with others, which can make the air smell unsavory.

Bamboo Water Fountains

When deciding what features you should have in your home and garden there are many things to consider. You will need to look at your taste and budget and decide what would look good amongst your other items. Bamboo water fountains can make a huge difference to the way your garden looks and feels they are an amazing feature to own.

Guardian Angel Suncatcher

When it comes to gift giving, you always want your gift to be special and of course, this can be time consuming. One gift that is perfect for many occasions is a guardian angel suncatcher because they come in a variety of styles and are beautiful with the stained glass and many are hand painted. Additionally, an angel suncatcher makes a great gift for numerous occasions for both adults and children.

Paphiopedilum Orchid – The Connoisseur’s Choice

A general overview of the magnificent paphiopedilum orchid genus and the grouping of these plants. Also included are coloring details and growing conditions.

An Exciting New Fruit – The Pineberry

There is a new kid on the fruit block. While the pineberry has been around for centuries, it is just now being introduced into the commercial markets. Get more information here.

Two Methods Of Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

There are two basic methods used to grow shiitake mushrooms. Either method can be used for small cultivation projects. The two methods of growing Shiitakes are:

September Green Gardening Tips

With the summer months coming to a close, many green gardens are losing the charm it once held in the wee months of spring. Although the planting and harvesting of freshly grown vegetables might be over, there is still a lot of upkeep and preparation for the active green gardener!

How to Prune Rose Bushes

If you want beautiful rose bushes, then you only need to devote a little time once or twice a year to pruning them for season-long beauty. The technique for pruning is almost universally the same. The real differences in pruning depends on what type of rose plant you have and how often it blooms each season. If you are unsure, avoid pruning for one year to determine the type of plant and frequency of blooms, then prune accordingly.

No Dig Gardening – Grow A Garden Anywhere

You can create a garden anywhere when you choose to do no dig gardening. No dig gardening is exactly what it implies, gardening without digging. In a no dig garden, you basically add a layer of organic matter above the soil and plant your garden.

How Best Can You Fertilize & Mulch Your Organic Garden?

Mulching an organic garden can be defined as placing organic material around your plants, such as wood chips. Fertilizer in an organic garden may be as simple as amending the soil with compost. Fertilizing and mulching provides protection and nutrition to your garden plants. These mulches and fertilizers can be purchased at home and garden centers as well as online.

Growing Your Own Fruits And Vegetables In Your Own Organic Garden

If you want 100% organic fruits and vegetables, having your own garden can be a very good choice. This way, you can have total control over what goes into growing process. For instance, you can avoid using chemically high composts and fertilisers and choose to use organic ones.

Oncidium Orchids – How I Care For The Oncidium Orchid?

I have been growing all kinds of orchids. And one of my favorite varieties is Oncidium orchids. I make sure that I take care of this variety very well because this type is one of the most…

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