14 Organic Fertilizers and How to Use Them

How You Can Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden

If you think about a way to have healthier fresher foods available to feed yourself and your family, then why not plant your own vegetable garden? Planting a vegetable garden of your own enables you to have control over what your vegetables feed on. This means you can leave out harmful chemicals.

Best Plants For Urban Gardens

Urban gardening may seem like just another trend, but unlike a lot of fads, it’s a trend that has staying power because it actually provides substantial benefits to the average person’s quality of life. Even apartment dwellers who live several…

How You Can Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Learning to grow your own tomatoes in your own home is an easy way to be sure you don’t waste another penny buying the much and tasteless store variety. Rather than eating tomatoes that have been transported cross country, you get to gather up your own fresh crops right from your own backyard.

Tomato Gardening And Soil Preparation

Anytime you are talking about growing plants it will include having proper soil preparation. This is crucial if you’re going to make sure your tomatoes have the best environment to grow and develop. Your soil will need to have the proper PH level which ranges between 6.5 and 7.0. The soil will need to contain enough nutrients for your tomatoes to thrive on and it also should have the kind of soil composition that enables it to hold as well as retain the water, along with nutrients, for a long enough time to allow for optimum absorption of both.

Heavenly Herbs – The Food Garden

A herb garden can be both a visual and sensory delight. I have fond childhood memories of wandering through a herb garden enjoying not only the attractive and varied plants and their exotic aromas but discovering that these were the things that gave various foods I liked their distinctive flavour.

Growing Dahlias for Cut Flowers

Dahlias are a native of Mexico and are related to the sunflower and daisy. Once only a favourite of allotment growers, dahlias are enjoying a return to popularity and have now become a favourite plant for the herbaceous border and patio containers. They will also keep flowering right up until the first frosts. Dahlias also make excellent cut flowers. There are many varieties to choose in many different colours.

How Growing Herbs Indoors Can Be Beneficial

Here I will explain to you the benefits to growing your very own herbs indoors. I will also share a little bit of knowledge I’ve gained while doing it myself.

A Brief Overview of the History of Replica Flowers and Their Presence in Modern Life

Most of us consider replica flowers to be simply cheap imitations, which lack the fair scent and vitality of their originals. However this characteristic does not do them any justice. Artificial plants have a rich history behind them. They have been and as a matter of fact still are considered a form of art in numerous cultures. Their use in our days also extends way beyond the traditional image of affordable and never fading plastic flowers.

The Different Stages of Creating a Floral Garden and the Role of the Flower Beds and Borders

Adding some color to the lawn and turning it into an actual garden is always a good idea. However, realizing it might be a bit confusing and complicated without some guidance. This article aims at presenting the general outlines of the process and the decisions that have to be made. It starts with how to choose the plants, then goes through the floral beds and borders and ends with an overview of required maintenance.

Aquaponic Gardening: Frequently Asked Questions

Aquaponic gardening is a process that raises a lot of questions. From “What is aquaponics?” to “What types of plants can you raise?” this article has you covered. So let’s get started with the most basic question of all.

Filling a Summer Container

With the rest of the garden blooming with colour and life, why not transfer a little of that colour to patios and walls by filling pots and other containers with a display of summer bedding plants. There is a huge variety of plants to choose from. Whether its colour or scent you are after, here are a few ideas for creating a decorative summer container display.

Greenhouse Kits Help Fill The Scarce Food Gap

Where does your food come from? Can you find the foods your looking in the grocery stores? Greenhouse gardening is providing success of plant growth and helping with the scarce food problem. Don’t go hungry, grow a garden and live a healthier lifestyle.

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