16 Plant HAUL: Unboxing & Transplanting Houseplants, Herbs, Ferns, and Flowers

Heirloom Vegetable Varieties Gardening Directions

Heirloom vegetables are a must for the serious gardener. They ensure that the seeds produced by the vegetables you grow will produce the seeds that will reproduce exactly as the parent plant. With Hybrid seeds there is no guarantee of the plant being “true to seed”. This is very important if your garden provides sustenance for your family.

Grow Lights: A Must Have for Indoor Plants

Growing plants indoors can be quite the difficult task, however through the use of grow lights for indoor plants we can see great results quickly and easily. With people growing plants indoors more often now than ever, there have been many innovations in lighting specifically for this purpose and these lights are not only common, cheap and accessible but also will benefit your plants greatly and cause them to grow exponentially faster and do so in a healthy manner.

Propagating African Violets, The Fun Stuff

Article tells how to propagate or make more African Violets from pieces of the plant. Very rewarding, cost effective and fun.

Indoor Grow Lights – Choosing The Right One

There are many different kinds of indoor grow lights, including metal halide, high pressure sodium bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, as well as many others. The newest trend in indoor grow lights are LED grow lights. When choosing the right indoor grow lights, here are a few things you should know.

Check The Soil Condition in Your Garden

Pick up a handful of soil in your garden. I bet you are thinking, “this is ordinary, unexciting earth”. Yet it is one of nature’s miracle, and one of her most complex products. Your success as a gardener will largely depend upon its condition, so take the first bold step in gardening…. get to know your soil.

How Do You Know Which Roses to Grow?

Gardeners are faced with a bewildering array of magnificent roses these days and you may find it difficult to know which ones to grow. Here are a few guidelines you can follow when you go out to choose the roses you want to plant in your garden.

Organic Rose Growing – Easy Steps to a Healthy Garden

Growing roses organically is good for your health and that of your garden. Its also not difficult. This article gives you some great tips to help you grow roses organically.

When to Transplant Roses: A Step by Step Guide

Transplanting Rose Bushes needn’t be difficult. If you simply follow the steps listed in this article you’re sure to have success.

Aquaponics – A Combination Of Aquaculture And Hydroponics

Aquaculture, also called aqua farming, is really the harvesting of aquatic creatures such as fish, molluscs, aquatic plants and crustaceans. This involves farming of saltwater and freshwater organisms in controlled conditions.

How to Transplant Roses – The Number One Secret

There is a simple secret that will help you ensure that you successfully transport roses. This article gives you the inside scoop.

Choose the Right Garden Furniture For Small Garden Designs

A garden, no matter how small, is worthless without being seen. Sometimes, it can be seen that the true purpose of the garden is to be seen by people. However, the word “seen” may be inappropriate when referring to the purpose of gardens. The phrase “looked at” may be better.

Aquaponics Design – How to Create Your Very Own Aquaponics Design

The simplest design is the flood and drain system where the plant bedding is located on top of the fish tank. If you are very limited on space, this Aquaponics design is best suited for you. The water in the fish tank will drop when the plant bed is being flooded, but it would return as the water works its way thru the bed and back to the fish tank without the assistance of a pump.

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