3 Methods for Pruning Herbs To Stimulate New Growth

Fruits That Can Be Grown and Sold in Local Markets

If you have ample space in the backyard, why not utilize it to grow some amazing fruits for your family? The excess produce can even be sold in the local markets to earn money. Growing fruits at home organically can be really satisfying and engaging. There are many varieties that can easily be cultivated in a home garden.

A Vintage Watering Can Creates A Charming Accent In Your Garden

Some people say that growing a small vegetable or flower garden is old fashioned. What’s wrong with that? In fact you can enhance that charming appeal by using or displaying an old fashioned watering can by your plants and veggies.

Lawn Maintenance – A Secret for Your Beautiful Garden

Lawn maintenance should not be neglected. With lawns, the adage that a stitch in time saves nine is completely justified. So, if you do not want any overwork and want your lawn to look strikingly good, then it is necessary to act in the right way, at the right time.

Grow Cabinets Misconceptions

Over the years there has been a lot of misrepresentation and misunderstanding of the benefits of indoor grow cabinets. When most people think of grow cabinets they think of illegal grow operations and power sucking grow lights. Most do not see indoor growing as an eco and family friendly activity. However, these misconceptions could not be farther from the truth.

Giving Care to Your Broccoli

So you’ve decided to grow broccoli, the bed is properly watered and sown and the crop is growing nicely. Now you have to keep in mind after care, but fortunately for us broccoli can take care of itself. This makes our job that much easier. Take all these measures to make sure your broccoli is in good health.

Biodegradable Bags For Compost: In This Case, Tree Leaves

What is made of a biodegradable recyclable material called jute, is environmentally and user friendly, and totally useful and fertilizes the yard? A product for composting of leaves called biodegradable leaf collection sacks.

Wild and Free: Bees in Your Back Garden

It may seem romantic to have thousands of honeybees buzzing round your flower beds, but the reality is that they are not entirely without problems. This article will help you think through the pros and cons of keeping bees in your back yard.

Mulch Or Not, A Lawn Mowing Question

Mowing the lawn can be a task that many put off as long as they can. With the advent of all of these new mulching mowers on the market, is it a machine that will help man, or another item you wish you never bought? I attempt to put a few good points forward that might interest you and aid in your next mower purchase.

8 Most Popular Bonsai Myths

You will quickly find when you begin looking up information or talking to others about bonsai trees, there are a lot of myths floating around that simply aren’t true. Of course, this leads to confusion for the person who wants to know how to grow a bonsai. Below are eight art of bonsai myths that should address many questions you may have…

What Are the Benefits of Organic Vegetable Gardening?

Take a look a closer look at the produce section next time you go grocery shopping. It is breathtaking! I love walking amongst the colorful rows of texture and shapes.

5 Power Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

I wanted to follow up a previous article with a list of vegetables that gardeners, looking to maximize their space, can grow to ensure they are eating the veggies that yield the highest amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs for a healthier you. I call them, the power vegetables.

How to Build Your Own Vertical Garden – Part II

Vertical gardens are beautiful and impressive – and also a fantastic way to maximise space in a small garden. The scale of your project is up to you – you can cover a small ugly piece of fencing or a whole wall of your house!

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