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Controlling Grasshoppers in Garden Tomatoes

Grasshoppers and locusts can eat your tomato plants at a rapid rate, especially in spring when new locusts hatch and go in search of food. As commercial insecticides are not friendly to the home gardener, they often throw up their hands in horror and ask what they can do.

Growing Roses From Cuttings – How to Ensure Cuttings Grow to Beautiful Roses

Propagation using cuttings is one of the most popular methods of rose reproduction. A 90% reproduction rate is still considered a very successful result. However, there are many challenges ahead in order for this to be achieved. One is the nonexistence of the plant roots that absorb water and nutrients from the soil. In order for the rose cuttings to survive, a special setup must be made until their roots grow and function on its own. To do this, continue reading below.

Gardening Information – 6 Tips For Easy Houseplant Care

There are only a few things you really need to consider when it comes to house plants. Maintaining plants and having them flourish may be easier than you think.

Basic Tips on Growing Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are one of the most in-demand plants in the garden because of its unparalleled beauty, vibrant colors, and distinct growth. Although it’s called climbing roses, garden experts explain that they are not real climbing plants, like vines.

Organic Gardening – Reasons to Consider Natural Landscaping

Stop using toxic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Natural landscaping provides both the natural shelter and the food that wildlife need to survive by planting a natural landscape in your yard. Eco-friendly methods of growing plants the way nature does it.

Organic Gardening – Let Your Landscape Gardens Go Wild and Crazy

Natural landscape gardens will provide the beauty that only nature can give. It’s a healthy and cost efficient method of gardening and one that is healthy for you and the environment.

Garden Information – Dealing With Garden Pests

Once you have a beautiful garden growing and you’ve retired for the night seeing that all is well, it can be frustrating when, in the morning you find that some of your plants have been near eaten to the stock. Well, the garden is green and lovely and good for the eating as far as insect pests are concerned so here are some ideas to drive the little pest out.

Landscape Maintenance – Keep it Simple

Your yard can look like you spend a lot of time working in it, but you don’t have to. Learn how to streamline garden maintenance for a beautiful yard without a lot of work.

Meerkat Statue – Creative Ways to Decorate Your Lawn Or Garden

One way to improve the appearance of a garden or lawn is to add statues to them. They can choose from fountains, benches, garden gnomes and Meerkat statues. What a person decides is based upon their own preferences, but one of the most unique choices is the Meerkat statues.

Gardening Information – Creating Cold Frames and Hot Tents

There are some techniques you can use to get more growing season. Or rather a head start on the growing season using cold frames and sprouting seeds.

Choosing the Right Garden Tools

What are the must have tools for every gardener? You don’t need fancy tools, just a few basics to help you work the soil and have a great garden.

Gardening Information – Raised Flower Beds

If your like most gardening enthusiast that I know, you like a wide variety of plants. What if you find you have areas of ground that just don’t have the drainage needed for some plants? If you want plants that require better drainage you may run into conflict ie: the rapid death of your plant.

What You Need to Know About Wrought Iron Window Boxes

We all may dream about having a large luscious garden full of healthy green plants and the birds chirping but in reality it ends up becoming more like this. The weeds haven’t been pulled in 6 months, the flowers are dying, the grass has more dirt than grass and it all can seem a bit too much to get going again.

What You Need to Know About Wooden Window Boxes

One of the biggest decisions when looking to buy window boxes is deciding what material they will be made from. You have your strong metals, your lighter types like plastic and fiberglass and then you have the wooden type.

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