3 Simple Houseplant Care Tips to Keep Your Plants Healthy

How To Easily Build An Organic Garden

If you are new to gardening, or have been gardening for some time conventionally, you may want to know how to build an organic garden. Most people garden organically because they want to keep as many chemicals out of their body as they can. Eating foods that have been raised organically is an easy way to get a lot of chemicals out of your system.

What Does the New USDA Frost Zone Map Mean to You?

You may have been gardening your whole life and never knew that your corner of the country is in a zone. A plant hardiness zone that is. If you live in the United States of America like I do (and you may having something equivalent outside of the USA), then you will come to know, as your vegetable gardening experience continues to grow, that the country is broken into plant hardiness zones.

How to Successfully Germinate Chilli Seeds and Other Plants Using A Propagation Kit

Ever wanted to grow your own chillies and other herbs at home and are having problems germinating your seeds? Find out some simple germination tips that can help you to easily achieve great germination every time.

Early Spring Gardening – Starting Seeds Indoors

Spring is coming! New beginnings and new gardens await us in the very near future. You can get a jump start on the season by starting your seeds indoor. Find out how.

Develop a Good Eye When Shaping Your Bonsai

Pruning a Japanese maple bonsai tree may look like a standard cut and wire, but bonsai keeping is close to an inspired art form. The sight of those miniaturized trees in beautiful pots can be breathtaking especially if the bonsai has been shaped delicately and carefully.

What You Need to Know About Square Hydrangeas

Have you noticed that peculiar cubical block of hydrangea flowers in the hotel concierge desk or in a fancy restaurant? Did the stunning square arrangement make you stop? It is unique and may look hard to do, but it isn’t.

February Jobs in the Garden

If you look carefully you will start to see the first signs of spring in the garden this month. Catkins appear on trees, the first bulbs start to poke their heads trough the soil and a few brave flowers begin to appear. With January over, gardeners begin to look forward to spring. But this month can be slow to develop in the garden, so use the time to finish those winter jobs still left to do. Here are the main jobs you should be getting on with this month in the garden and a few of the plants that will be looking their best this early in the year.

Creating a Lavender Garden

Lavender is a large family of plants, some annual, others perennial, some hardy and others tender. It is a plant well worth collecting and if you have some space in your garden, why not create a small garden devoted to the species. Here is a short guide to creating a small lavender garden which measures 15 feet square, including preparation, types of lavender you might like to grow and some companion plants.

Simple Seed Germination Test

If you gardened before, chances are you have some seeds laying around that you never planted. You might wonder if they’re worth planting this year, or if you should just buy new seeds. Fortunately, there is a simple experiment you can do to answer that question! This article will show you how to do a seed germination test.

How to Build the Perfect Garden In a Tiny Space

Nowadays people are finding it very hard to care for a home that has a lot of garden space. People who work all day prefer to have a small garden in their home instead of caring for a big garden, which takes up more time for maintenance. So if you’ve been looking for a few garden landscaping ideas for small gardens, read on.

Amazing Ideas To Do a Beautiful Garden Makeover

Having a magnificent garden waiting for you at the end of a long day can be a breath of much needed fresh air. The fresh green grass, colorful flowers, the aroma and other features can make you feel like you’re one with nature. Constructing a garden and later maintaining it so the natural beauty isn’t lost is very crucial.

Amazing Tips to a Naturally Beautiful Garden

People always look for ways to improve the beauty and quality of their surroundings. There is nothing better than greens when it comes to natural beauty. So gardens play a vital role in increasing the beauty of a house or a park.

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