3 Sustainable Lawn Alternatives (for Cold Climates)

Italian Herb Garden – Oregano, Parsley and Rosemary

Italy is known for its great food. Going out for an Italian dinner is just the best because the Italians have got it figured out when it comes to cooking fantastic food.

Keeping Cats Out of Your Home Vegetable Garden

Whether it is your own or it belongs to your neighbor, cats are animals and work on instinct and could mistake your home vegetable garden for their litter box. Here are some things you can try to avoid this devastating problem.

Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

Fertilizers come in many varieties for many different uses, but for optimum performance and eco-friendly use in an organic garden, seaweed fertilizers made from kelp rank as one of the best. In vegetable gardens in particular, they afford the soil with additional natural benefits which chemical fertilizers don’t.

Using LED Lights For Indoor Gardening

LED light bulbs are increasingly replacing incandescent lighting for just about every use, including indoor gardening. This article explains the whys and hows of indoor gardening with LED lights.

Pruning Your Fruit Trees

Have you ever gone to the store for produce, only to find it bruised or half-rotten? Would you like to save some money and time, while helping the environment? If you answered yes to either of these questions, fruit trees are the answer. The following article will tell you how to choose the size, fruit, and conformation of a fruit tree.

Names of Roses

From the family Rosaceae, the rose is considered a perennial shrub or vine and contains over one hundred species and the colors range from white to black. The varieties range from miniature roses to large bushes and usually sharp prickles called thorns.

Five Greenhouse Supplies That Are Essential to Have

The advent of the greenhouse supplies and their corresponding structures has brought tremendous benefits to humanity. Thanks to this, we are now able to plant vegetables, flowers and fruits and expect them to grow to full maturity without having to worry about the weather.

Grow Cabinets Create a Perfect Environment For Indoor Growing

If you have ever tried growing plants indoors, you might know how hard it can be. There are many things to consider, from setting up your own room, to ventilation, lighting, and much more.

If I Can Grow Tomatoes So Can You

When it comes to growing tomatoes, brown thumbs can do just fine. Follow my plan and you will see how I do it. Easy. Truly. Just takes a little diligence and a lot of water! Oh, and some marigolds.

Basic Gardening Considerations

If you want to start gardening and you are new to it, you may be asking yourself where to start. Starting with the basics will allow you to get outside when the weather is nice and start a garden. You have to educate yourself in what the requirements are for raising and keeping different plants healthy.

Basic Indoor Hydroponic Gardening

If you want to learn how to grow hydroponics indoors, there are a number of resources out there. This one deals with the very basics, from the different types of systems to choosing the best type of space to grow your plants indoors.

ATV and UTV Work Horse Attachments

ATV attachments to make gardening easier. Putting your ATV and UTV to work.

Growing Sweet Tomatoes

There are two broad factors involved in growing sweet tomatoes. The first is the choice of tomato variety, and the second is the employment of good cultural practices.

Methods of Fertilization For the Garden

Fertilization is a huge factor of gardening. Just like people, plants need nutrients every day that they can’t get always get from sunlight and photosynthesis. The soil in which they are plotted needs to be rich with nutrients and minerals so the plants grow to be healthy and beautiful.

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