3 Years of (Relative) Simplicity

Flowers Offer A Variety Colors And Uses

Flowers have, over the centuries, become one of our most loved resources. They have displayed a variety of uses including the manufacture of perfumes as a beautifying plant and as a source of food and flavor.

Extend the Life of Your Garden in August

While gardens are busily producing vegetables and blooming flowers in August, there is much gardeners can do to extend the life of their gardens into fall. Deadhead flowers: Most flowering plants are full of blooms and bulbs. Remove flowers as soon as they show signs that they are past their prime.

Choosing Your Ideal Summer House

You may have set your heart on purchasing a new summer house for this summer, however before you go rushing out to buy one you should make yourself a checklist of exactly what features you require from your summerhouse, and most importantly write down exactly what you are going to be using it for prior to even looking at any models at all. Writing out a checklist should be an essential part of your purchasing process as if not you may be tempted to purchase a model that is unsuitable for your requirements and find that there is…

Attracting Butterflies and Moths to Your Garden

The dramatic decrease in the number of bees in our gardens and countryside has been well documented. However, there is also a decline in the number of butterflies and moths. These beautiful and beguiling insects not only provide a spectacle in the summer garden and country meadows but are a useful indication of the general health of a habitat because of their sensitivity to changes in the ecosystem. Here are some useful tips on how to attract butterflies and moths into your garden.

Why Build a Greenhouse?

Have you ever spent time planting and tending to your garden only to walk out one day to see your hard work destroyed by pests? Keeping pests away from your plants is just one of the benefits of having your own greenhouse. A greenhouse can provide proper protection and ventilation for your precious garden if built correctly. There are many benefits to having a greenhouse for your garden, and you can save money building it yourself.

What Nitro Phos Has to Offer You

It’s important to know all about your options when it comes to caring for your plants and all of your landscaping. Nitro Phos is a brand that has been around for a number of years and offers a wide variety of products for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a fertilizer, an herbicide, or something else, you will likely find it from this brand.

Victorian Greenhouse For Modern Day Gardeners

The gorgeous greenhouse structures of the past have inspired modern day greenhouse designs. The Victorian Greenhouse has become a popular choice among modern day gardeners who want to have the most beautiful greenhouse designs available. Although the modern day Victorian designs are not as majestic as they were during the Victorian Era, they offer the same beautiful details combined with efficient, modern day materials. Those with building experience can find free sets of greenhouse plans online or purchase the building plans of their choice. A Victorian Greenhouse kit is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to complete the building project on their own.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor With These Summer Gardening Tips

Have you ever noticed how a tomato plucked from a garden tastes so much better than store bought? It’s near impossible to purchase that amount of flavor. Anybody that has ever planted a vegetable garden is sure to agree. Enjoying a salad or sandwich made with fresh vegetables from your own backyard is one of summer’s many benefits.

Nurseries Are Complex and Wonderful

You never realize how much goes into a beautiful garden until you visit nurseries. While you are drinking eggnog, they are cultivating and preparing for the spring.

Artistic Lawn Design

The landscaping design will include the house architecture, the lawn, fencing and borders, and flower or vegetable gardens, Strong influences in the design will be determined by the growing season, personal lifestyle, and finances. One can hire a landscaping company or become a do it yourself person and design an artistic lawn design which meets your needs and ideas.

Decorating With Grass

We have cleared the land and we are now ready to plant grass. What is grass? It is a living plant carpet which covers the ground for beauty and protection. Decorating with grass is essential for both beauty and function.

Characteristics Of Different Residential Retaining Walls

If you have a garden that is unevenly elevated, you need a retaining wall. It’s the only way to prevent soil runoff from messing the lower level.

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