392 Potato Plants, 181 Grow Bags, 7 More Observations – Part 6 of the Potato Grow Bag Trials

Protect Your Garden Before Winter and Have a Glorious Burst of Flowers in Spring

For some people, the coming of winter means putting your gardening paraphernalia away until spring. As leaves start falling down and the air grows colder, people find it better to hide out in their warm homes and just leave the garden until the spring time comes. But, what everyone has to know is that proper gardening should be…

How to Make Organic Plant Fertilizer Quickly

Plants, like animals, need to eat. Only they do it in a rather different way to us, by absorbing minerals and vitamins in the soil and the water through their roots. This is crucial as it’s how the plants get the minerals and vitamins that we enjoy when we eat them.

The Basic Ingredients and Tools Required to Make Organic Garden Fertilizer

Making your own organic garden fertilizer is a relatively easy task that puts all of your waste to good use. It will give you the satisfaction of having a garden that’s truly self sustaining and that can function without any outside aid, and it will keep your soil, and therefore you plants and vegetables – and you, much healthier as you won’t be using man made chemicals. Fortunately, although being a fairly lengthy process, making your own organic garden fertilizer is also incredibly easy.

Introduction to Organic Vegetable Plants

One of the main reasons many people take up organic gardening is so that they can try their hand at growing organic vegetable plants and grow something tasty to impress the neighbours, keep them healthy and save them money. There’s nothing wrong with this outlook either and if you grow organic vegetable plants you will indeed benefit from all those things – and many more. Most people who grow organic vegetable plants find that it’s an incredibly rewarding experience as they get an actual tactile reward for all the hard work they put in.

Grassland Naturalized Bulbs

Snowdrop, snowflake, winter aconite and the earliest daffodils, as well as a wide range of crocuses, create a sparkling display when they are naturalized in borders, grassland and woodland. Do not be surprised, however, if the bulbs, corms and tubers in the borders, which do not have to compete with grass and tree roots, multiply more quickly. Some genera adapt well to both meadow and woodland conditions, although be prepared for neutralization process to take longer.

Why Growing Tomato Plants Can Help Not Only the Environment But Your Health, Too

One of the main reasons a lot of people take up organic gardening is because they know it’s good for the environment. This is true for several reasons: it encourages and attracts wildlife, it results in the spreading of seeds and the birth of new plants, it’s good for the atmosphere, it prevents us buying genetically modified produce from super markets, it prevents us using nasty man made chemicals and it encourages recycling and avoiding waste. Another reason many people take up the hobby however is to improve their health by getting lots of naturally grown fruits and vegetables.

Useful Home Herb Garden Information

Perhaps surprisingly, the very first step in the creation of a home herb garden is not to design the look and feel of it but to ask yourself why it is that you want to have your own home herb garden. The purpose of asking why is so that you can come up with a list of all the benefits that you want to receive from your home herb garden.

Grow Flowers, Plants, Or Herbs Indoors With Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic growing is a cultivation technique that utilizes only water as a growing medium. This method has been studied for lots of years and is used by lots of home growers.

Want to Know Which Are the Most Popular White Roses For Your Garden?

Red roses are always beautiful, but nothing beats the magical quality that a white garden rose brings to the gentle quiet of a lone backyard. The whiteness of white roses is associated with a gentle purity that, though it may only be an illusion, brings an otherworldly glow that brightens it up even in the calm of the night. There are many white rose varieties-some more beautiful, some more fragrant, others much hardier. For the amateur gardener, it pays to know the most popular white roses so you have an idea of what you can start planting in your own garden. That is exactly what we present to you in this article.

Mixed Organic Container Gardening

A mixed container garden is simply a garden of various plants contained within a single container. These gardens can vary in size depending on how big of a container you choose to use. Typically, outdoor mixed container gardens are larger and indoor ones are smaller.

Unique Thing You Can Find on Orchids

What’s wrong with orchids? This statement seems a little bit confusing. I want to try to explore the curiosity of orchids, so … let’s explore the uniqueness of orchids.

Spider Plant – Benefits to Your House Plant Greenery

The spider plant is one of the most common and probably the easiest to grow, of all the hanging or trailing plants. Spider plants make extraordinary houseplants. They will flourish in almost any condition in your home. While these exceptionally sturdy plants will survive in less than perfect conditions, in perfect conditions they are awesome.

Benefits of a Rain Water Garden

Rain water gardens are an ideal way to create an environmentally friendly water garden. This article outlines the benefits of having your very own rain water garden.

Survivalist Seeds – Prepared to Die?

We don’t really need to ask why the popularity with non-hybrid seeds, also known as survivalist seeds. With weekly revelations of additional staff at the White House espousing, let us say, non-capitalist sentiment there are many American patriots that are feeling the cold finger of fear and feel preparations are in order. Do you know how to grow if you had to?

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