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How to Grow Gourmet Garlic at Home

Garlic from the store can’t compare with the hundreds of different and varieties available to home gardeners. This article shows you how to grow gourmet garlic that’s so good, you can put in your favorite relative’s Christmas stocking.

Efficiency Tips on Optimizing Pest Management Equipment

While safety may be free, it is the little things that also matter. And safety is not just a good idea but it is also a great investment for your pest management equipment. And attention to safety has huge financial implications as well.

Grow Organic Vegetables That Are Ready For Fall

If you are going to grow organic vegetables for a fall harvest, mid-summer is the time to begin preparations. To grow organic vegetables any time of the year is better for your health and your family’s health because you know they are getting the right organic materials to help them grow.

How to Grow Japanese Painted Fern in Your Landscape

The Japanese Painted Fern is the top selling fern in the USA because it has great adapting abilities to grow in weather conditions in most of the country. You will be delighted to know that this fern was awarded the Perennial Plant of the Year in 2004. What is so unique about this fern is that it was the first of it’s kind of a non blooming perennials to receive this award.

Growing Upside Down Tomato Plants

Growing upside down tomato planter is a great way for a people that live in a condo to become a gardener. Upside down tomato gardens will produce cleaner, better looking and better tasting fruit; other types of fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and strawberries can also be grown in these planters.

Watering Orchids – Don’t Drown Them

Drowning (over watering) is the most common cause of unhealthy orchids than any other reason. Advice on watering orchids is also one of, if not the hardest aspect of orchid care to give advice on. Having said that, with a little experimentation and knowledge, it is fairly easy to get right. Read on.

Water Your Orchids by Variety

One of the most difficult parts of growing orchids can be watering them correctly. Each species and variety within a species can have different requirements for watering, and it can be difficult to keep them all straight. If you are the type of person who really loves growing things and you want to try growing different types of orchids, just be very careful with how you do it.

Orchid Flower Arrangements – Why They Are The Simplest And Most Stylish Way To Decorate A Home

Orchids flower arrangements are a great way to decorate your home. One of the great advantages of the orchid is that they can be arranged as simply or as intricately as you want. There are three basic ways to display your orchids. The simplest of these is to display single flowers in the beautiful and striking single vases which are not available. If you are going to use this means of orchid flower arrangement, then it is worth spending a little extra and investing in some really great single flower vases.

Butterfly Bush Care – How to Start a Butterfly Garden

The butterfly bush is loaded with nectar; therefore the bush attracts the fragile insects as well as bees and hummingbirds. The bush grows large clusters of blossoms that are supported by thin, fragile looking branches. These blossoms are known to grow two feet in length.

How to Attract Bluebirds to Your Garden

Bluebirds aren’t just beautiful — they also eat lots of garden pests. Read how you can attract bluebirds to your garden.

Information on Herb Gardens

Herbs have been used for thousands of years. For example, the ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Chinese made quite a habit of using them. There are also several Biblical references, as well as documents from the medieval ages. Gardeners love to grow these as they are quite beneficial. For example you might find herbs in tea, food, potpourri, and they can even be used in modern medicine.

Simple Tips to Start Your Own Composting Center

Recycling your waste into organic soil may seem a daunting task if you are just starting out, but it is a natural process that has been occurring in our environment since time began. Whether you live in an urban setting or on some acreage, we can each lessen the impact on our landfills by establishing our own composting center to handle our kitchen waste and grass clippings.

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