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Growing Stephanotis From Seeds

Stephanotis is also known as Madagascar jasmine or bridal veil. It is a vine that grows during warm weather conditions. It has tiny, beautifully scented flowers with dark green and broad leaves. The plant can grow as tall as 10 feet and grows as much as you permit. It can grow as a seed pod from which seeds can be harvested and planted again in a yard or indoors.

The History of Magnolia’s Different Species

The beautiful Magnolia is a plant that is not exclusive to the southern parts of United States. There are a lot of varieties of magnolia throughout Asia and Americas. According to ancient history, magnolia is one of the oldest plants whose fossils dated back to more than 50 million years ago.

The Mystery Behind the Flower Heather

Heather is a flower that is the second most familiar floral symbol in Scotland. The flower has a distinct purple color and, in rare cases, white color. It was once said that heathers usually grow over the last resting places of the fairies and only where no blood has been dropped.

The History Behind Freesia

Freesia is a popular flower most frequently used in wedding bouquets and gardens. It has a variety of colors and a sweet-smelling citrus scent. The history of this flower is complicated since it was incorrectly included in the wrong genus and specie when it was initially discovered.

Leyland Cypress Vs Thuja Green Giant For Privacy Screens

This article compares Leyland Cypress vs Thuja Green Giant for privacy screen material. We cover which variety is best for hardiness zone 5 and 6, fullness of each variety, deer resistance, and insect and disease resistance. Watterson tree farm grows and plants both trees. We wrote this article to address a common question, which is the best privacy screen tree? See our website for many pictures of both varieties, detailed instructions on planting including staking methods and correct spacing for privacy screens.

Air Drying Herbs For a Better Purpose

Air drying is very important especially for medicinal herbs or those herbs that are made as ingredient for perfume production. Air drying will keep the plant’s oil intact. Oil is also a vital component of producing herbal medicine. In fact most herbs in bottles are made up of oil.

All Orchid Pots Are Not Created Equally

Orchid pots come in different sizes, shapes, designs. What you choose is up to you and your taste. Keeping these tips in mind when choosing a pot for your orchid will help ensure your orchids thrive and bloom.

Accent the Wedding With Orchids

Special events call for special flowers. There is hardly any event more special than a wedding, and what flower is more special than the orchid. A wedding is a celebration of the joining of two people for a new life together. In honor of the wedding and the bride and groom, it is important that everything about the wedding be as lovely as it can be.

Caring For Your Houseplants – Some Simple Tips

House plants add living beauty to your homes decor. Following these simple tips will ensure your plants will thrive, adding beauty to your home year round.

Using Ladybugs and Diatomaceous Earth to Control Aphids

There are two very effective tools you can use in your garden to control pests. Ladybugs and diatomaceous earth. Using these two pest controls will help you keep deadly pesticides out of your food chain.

Extreme Garden Makeover – 5 Ideas to Revolutionise Your Garden

Revolutionizing your garden is a wonderful, soulful experience. Of course you must consider what part of the world you live in and the types of weather you have.

5 Things You Need to Know About Installing Decking in Your Garden

When installing decking there are five things you need to know before beginning. Depending on what type of material you are going to use, for the purpose of this article let’s assume it is a wood decking, the five things are as follows:

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