5 Dragon Fruit Growing Mistakes to Avoid

Growing and Caring for Roses

Roses are perhaps one of our favourite garden flowers. Their colourful scented blooms epitomise the English garden. Making sure you choose the right planting position and create the correct conditions for healthy growth will ensure that you have plenty of flowers throughout the summer. Here is a short guide on how to plant and care for roses in your garden.

How To Add Contrast With Garden Plants

A great way to make a garden more interesting is to add color and contrast to your garden plants. While contrast with color is most important, contrast in shape and texture is also important. Gardens with bold contrasting colors and shapes can make…

Hydroponics, What A Way To Grow!

Why are more and more people turning to hydroponic indoor gardening instead of the usual outside soil gardening? What is hydroponic growing and how does it differ from soil gardening? How easy or difficult is it to obtain and set up an indoor hydroponic garden? Where would I put an indoor garden? All these questions and more will be answered in my following article: HYDROPONICS! What a WAY TO GROW!

Factors That Influence the Absorption of Hydroponics Nutrients

The art of hydroponics might be considered simply making sure that your plants are able to absorb just enough minerals to grow big and yield well. Hydroponics growers have the advantage of being able to manipulate their nutrient solution to anything they desire. Unfortunately, even the most perfectly balanced nutrient solution in the world will not do you much good if you do not pay attention to numerous other factors.

Growing Your Own Food in Mediterranean Climates to Save Money and for Pleasure

If you’re shocked to see that a single tomato can cost up to a dollar, you might like to consider growing your own. Its amazing how easy and rewarding it is – and Mediterranean climates are ideal. Even if you think that gardening is difficult, you can easily grow cheap, tasty food that you can really connect with. For me, this last reason has become the most important; its easy not to appreciate food from the store, letting it rot in the fridge until you throw it out. But if it took you a few months to grow that food, and you watched it slowly getting bigger and ripening, each vegetable becomes almost sacred. It adds an entirely new dimension to your food. This article describes five easily-grown crops that suit the Californian climate and provide maximum reward for minimum effort.

Beyond Garden Variety Garden Furniture

Gardens are among the most civilized of human habitats. Visually evocative and yet functional garden furniture is an important part of the lives that people enjoy in their gardens. Poets have written about gardens. Novels have been based around…

What Is a Spider Mite?

The spider mite is a member of the Acari Family, is an extremely common, hardy, plant eater. There are 1200+ different species of spider mite. Each differing in their area of habitat, climate, diet, life cycle, etc. This is a generalized basic run down of the mite.

What You Need To Know About Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed removal is an invasive weed. It is very difficult to remove them completely from gardens. Therefore, we need to hire Japanese knotweed specialists to ensure complete removal.

Patio Gardening – How To Grow Fruit Trees

Is gardening a passion, but the obstacle faced is the lack of space? Anyone interested in growing their own fruit trees can easily do so with a bit of effort. Growing conventional trees is not possible without suitable garden space; however, it is possible to grow dwarf fruit trees on your patio.

Sweet Times – Producing Braeburn Apples!

Braeburn apples are a delight to eat, so by growing your own it gives you the chance to feel and experience all the processes involved in nurturing your apple tree into bearing fruits; and this makes for a sweet experience. Whilst making for a beautiful addition to any garden, yet being a fun and rewarding experience at the same time. So, it’s time to take a look at some of the benefits of purchasing a young Braeburn apple tree, planting it and making it grow into producing delicious, sweet and crispy Braeburn apples.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Apple Tree

Growing an apple tree in your own mini orchard is a fun and easy thing to do. Apples are some of the most extensively cultivated fruits in the country and they can be grown on various rootstocks. For this reason, they can be grown in large gardens or trained as espaliers if you do not have enough space.

Why Buy a Chinese Witch Hazel Plant

As a garden lover it is always nice to think about which plants you want. Everybody is familiar with the staples of roses, tulips, marigolds, peonies and the like but, true gardeners are always on the lookout for something different. It might be a plant of a certain colour, a certain shape or fulfil a specific need.

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