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T5 Vs T8 – The Best Grow Light for Indoor Gardening

Choosing a grow light can be tricky with so many options available. Discover the differences between the T5 and T8 fluorescent grow light bulbs – The pros and cons of each, how they compare and which is best for your own garden. After reading this article you will have a clear idea about the differences and practical uses of these two grow light technologies.

Get The Most From Your Indoor Hydroponics Garden

Setting up your indoor hydroponics garden is the easy part. Now it’s time to get busy and start growing your plants. Here’s 4 things that you need to know in order to maximize your hydro harvest.

Growing Blueberries in Your Garden

You can grow the plants that produce the berries you like best and grow them without the use of toxic pesticides so you will know they are safe. With a little though and planning you can grow your own delicious blueberries. Growing your own blueberries can save you money and are good for your health.

Polytunnels Help The Environment

A Polytunnel can have a positive impact on the environment and reduce carbon emissions through imports. We are all starting to think more and more about the effects our actions have on the planet, and the legacy we are leaving for our children.

Zoysia Sod for a Healthier Ecosystem

Originating in parts of southeast Asia, zoysia sod has been proven time and again to deliver a durable, long-term solution to the problem of adding beauty to any residential or commercial property. With applications ranging from beautifying a neighborhood to attracting prospective buyers to a home, laying the right sod can easily be the best investment an individual can make.

Bored With Your Garden? 2 Distinctive Garden Styles To Inspire You!

If you’re struggling for inspiration in your garden and want to create a dramatic effect, take a look at two inspiring options: Mediterranean and Japanese. Each are equally impressive but very different in character. Discover how to easily transform your garden using age-old techniques from two very different cultures.

A Gardener’s Delight in Greenwood, South Carolina

A premier Newberry, South Carolina hotel profiles Park Seed Company’s trial gardens in nearby Greenwood, South Carolina. The demonstration gardens attract thousands of visitors each year.

Greenhouse Polycarbonate – 10 Really Good Tips

When most people order greenhouse polycarbonate, it is the first time they have ever used the material. There is a lot of confusion on how to store it, cut it, unload it and install it. These are answers to the top 10 questions I receive regularly.

Tips for Growing Your Tomatoes From Seeds

Anyone who has done any tomato gardening knows that the most satisfying way to begin your tomato garden is by starting your plants indoors from seeds. The benefits include healthier plants, pest resistance, and more choices in the type of tomato you can plant. Learn the easy steps to the process of planting and caring for your tomato seeds.

Salvia Or Scarlet Sage

Salvia is a great looking plant that can really be an asset in your border. It’s beautiful purple color long slender flowers combine greatly with other flowers and plants.

Growing Great Lettuce

No matter where you live, though, growing delicious lettuce should be on your radar. Wait for the cooler months, when it’s not too hot (over 90 degrees), as this will cause lettuce to bolt, rather than growing big, beautiful leaves of lettuce. There are some simple steps you can take to growing and making wonderful salads.

Are Algae Blooms Becoming More Problematic?

An Algae bloom is a fast rise in the amount of algae in an aquatic system. These can happen in fresh water or marine environments.

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