5 Fast Growing Veggies You Can Harvest in Under 1 Month

How to Grow a Garden in Greenhouse

Have you ever enjoyed your annuals in the summer time, but then were sad when the freezing temperatures of October and November killed those plants? Perhaps you had a beautiful large coleus one year and left it outside during the winter and could never find that variety again.

About Garden Edging

Garden edging serves several purposes. It contains soil from spilling over onto the turf of pathways, it deters invasive grasses and weeds from growing into your plant beds, and last, but by no means least, it adds a finished touch of style to any garden. There are a multitude of different types of garden edging on the market, but this article will help you find the one that suits your garden.

Water Cooled Grow Light – Methods for Cooling Down Your Grow Room

How do you keep your grow room cool enough? Heat is good for plants. However, too much heat can do serious damage. Your grow lights will put off a certain amount of heat. How do you keep that under control? You have quite a number of options.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouses – 7 Tips To Prevent Insect Damage

You fell in love with geodesic dome greenhouses a long time ago. Now you’ve finally build a dome greenhouse of your very own. Your seeds are planted and you’re can’t wait for the feast to begin. And neither can the bugs in your area!

Orchid Supplies – A Tisket A Tasket And An Orchid Growing Basket

The clay, porcelain, or Heaven forbid plastic flower pots have been around since the age of our grandmothers. It seems to be an injustice to house such spectacular plants in such mundane trappings. Luckily, given the diversity of the orchid family, there are other solutions.

Heirloom Tomatoes – A Fine Work of Art

Besides being superiorly delicious and chock-full of nutrients, heirloom tomatoes are really cool! I mean, just the way they look is enough to make you want to plant them in your garden. Compared to the same old, commercially grown, perfectly round, red, store bought tomato, an heirloom tomato looks like a work of fine art.

Different Types of Community Gardens

Community gardens come is all shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples of common community garden formats.

How to Start a Community Garden

A step by step guide to starting a community garden in your neighborhood. An easy way to get your community garden project underway!

Aquaponics How To: The Advantages Of Aquaponic Farming

This article introduces the concept of aquaponic gardening. It also outlines the benefits of aquaponic gardening for farmers, gardeners, fish owners, and organic food lovers.

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds are seeds that result from the cross pollination of two or more different types of a particular species of plant. For example, a Neptune Tomato plant that is cross pollinated with a Stupice Tomato plant will result in fruit bearing hybrid seeds. The seeds taken from this fruit will contain the genes from both tomato plants.

Best Topiary Plants And Trees For Your Garden

Topiary is the art of cutting and trimming foliage of plants, shrubs and trees to form an artistic shape. This horticulture practice dates back to the early Roman era when people used to create artistic forms out of beautiful evergreen shrubs and trees.

Bokashi Composting Instructions

A step by step guide on how to carry out Bokashi composting in your home. It’s the perfect way to recycle your kitchen scraps.

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