5 MUST-FOLLOW Tips for Harvesting Broccoli!

Tips for Making Great Compost

While traveling in Europe and working on organic farms I was involved a beautiful process of making compost. The five-acre farm accumulated all their garden debris over the course of 6 months and made a compost pile from which they got rich compost in 6 weeks of making the pile.

Ten Reasons Not to Buy a Bonsai

There are many misconceptions about bonsai trees. If you’re serious about giving it a try, please consider the following before you decide.

Landscaping With Climbing Vines in Your Garden

Climbing vines are a great option for landscaping as they can serve many purposes. You can grow climbing vines as dividers, privacy screens or just as ornamental plants. Such vines are climbing plants and they grow well with proper support. Their growth pattern makes them an important addition to many landscapes.

Aquaponic Plans – DIY Aquaponic Plans, Training and Construction

DIY Aquaponic plans are a firm foundation for any successful business venture. The size and scope of these plans can serve the needs you have planned for from feeding your family to creating a successful business.

5 Top Wholesale Greenhouse Accessories

Even avid amateur gardeners know that a greenhouse is not just the structure. There is a lot that goes into creating and maintaining a successful greenhouse including all the equipment in wholesale greenhouse accessories. Knowing the important wholesale greenhouse accessories will help a gardener make that greenhouse extremely productive as well as efficient.

Care and Maintenance of Perennial Plants

Perennial plants need proper care and maintenance to survive for three or more years. They are often considered to be low maintenance plants but they do need regular maintenance to thrive. There are many aspects that are crucial for the growth and development of a perennial plant.

Growing Vegetables in Your Home Garden

Gardening is an engaging hobby that can be really productive if you plant fruits and vegetables in your garden. There are plenty of vegetables that you can grow easily in your home garden. Most of the people prefer utilizing space in their backyard by growing nutritious vegetables that can be used in the kitchen.

Metal Halide Grow Lights – What Is the Worst Mistake People Make in Selecting Grow Lights?

There are many potential answers to that question. However, the answer to the question has to be choosing a grow light without understanding the light requirements of plants in general and the light requirements of their plants specifically.

Should You Use HID or LED Lights for Your Indoor Garden?

LED grow lights continue to gain ground against the incumbent HID lights. Who will the ultimate victor be? This author thinks both types of lights are great, but LEDs will ultimately prove the victor.

How to Make a Simple Homemade Compost Bin

The easiest homemade compost bin is not a bin at all, but simply an uncontained pile located on your property somewhere – preferably away from your house, but close to the garden. A free-standing pile breaks down into compost just as it would inside a container and is easily accessible. The problem with an open compost pile is that pets and wild animals also have easy access and can eat any fresh kitchen scraps, or worse use the pile as a private toilet.

Stop Erosion – How to Prevent Your Garden From Washing Away

When attempting to stop erosion from creating havoc on your garden, initially it’s important to take the surrounding steepness of the slope into consideration. Obviously, the steeper the grade of your garden area, the more prone the layers of soil will be subjected to erosion.

Sometimes A Bird Table Isn’t Enough

Most gardens have a bird table and you would be forgiven for thinking that is all you need to attract birds into your garden. However, there is much more to it than simply putting food out on a bird table. There are three essential things you need to provide in order to encourage the many varieties of birds into your garden – food, water and places to nest and roost.

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