5 Plants You Can Still Grow in Late July

Grow Seeds for Children Activities to Make Memories

Spending time with your children to teach them life lessons can create fond memories. Teaching them to grow seeds and caring for them can be an inexpensive and fun activity that they will remember forever.

Trends in Decorative Pebbles

Decorative pebbles are a beautiful part of many modern gardens. They enhance almost any planting scheme and, as a bonus, deter weeds.

How to Grow Tomatoes in Just 5 Easy Steps

Ever wanted to know the steps to growing tomatoes? Luckily tomatoes are simply grow! They come in many shapes, sizes, color, and different flavors. They look good, and taste great, especially on a fresh burger off the grill. So let’s learn how to grow some sweet juicy tomatoes in 5 easy steps.

Raspberry Leaf: Grow Your Own

With its many medicinal uses, raspberry leaf is actually in higher demand than the raspberries themselves. Grow your own raspberry plants and you can have both the berries as well as the raspberry leaves.

Anise Seed in Your Kitchen Garden

Fresh anise is one of those little luxuries you can afford when you have your own kitchen garden or thriving vegetable garden. There is always room for one more fragrant plant in your collection. Follow these simple instructions fro growing your own.

Grow Your Very Own Tomatoes

Gardening used to be a thing of the past, something we used to remember generations before us doing. As I recall, my grandmother would spend endless hours out in her garden on a daily basis. She would produce the most gorgeous red juicy tomatoes.

Growing Organic Tomatoes Today

Most people know that organic tomato gardening is growing tomatoes without chemicals, but it is indeed more than chemical-free gardening. It is having an undying deference for the planet that we live on, simultaneously advocating biodiversity.

Garden Composting Bins: The Top 10 Reasons to Own and Use One

There are many great reasons for making your own compost. The obvious is making waste into a useful product which will enrich the earth. The number one reason being Plants will love and thrive on the organic chemical free fertilizer created in garden composting bins. The compost from barrel composting can be used quickly and the results can be seen in the vigorous healthy looking lawn and luscious garden produce or vibrant patio plants. Easy to do Indoor and out, compost bins tumbler help create a greener cleaner environment recycling bio-organic waste and reducing carbon footprint. Everyone can enjoy composting!

How To Choose The Right Shovel For Your Gardening Project

If you’ve been working in the garden for any amount of time, you have more than likely worked with a shovel or you’ve needed the services of a shovel at one time or another. There is nothing more frustrating about working with a shovel than to not know exactly which kind to use for any particular job. In this article you will learn information that pertains to all the different types of shovels available, and how to choose the right one for any specific job you may have. Depending on the specific job you’re working on, this will determine the type of tool you’ll need for the job and how effective it will be at solving your problem.

Trouble Times For Food Security Out There!

Around the world, a cry for food security, famine and death are in progress. Some people even wonder how could this happen before our own eyes. In our mist, there is fear and a degree of uncertainty for what the future holds. Others like me have decided to change our mindset and do something about it. As one politician once said,”our problem is fear itself”. If we can over come fear, a new door of opportunity can open up.That is what we need to take up by the horns.

The Encyclopedia Of Garden Flowers

The amount of care a garden requires over time is directly related to its design. Naturally, the choice of plants is important, but it is the planning and preparation that goes into the garden space that is the most important factor in creating a beautiful and satisfying garden that requires minimum maintenance.

Amazingly Simple and Cheap Garden Plant Resources

Great tips: For my gardening enthusiasts, did you know you can grow some of your favorite veggies from the veggies you bought at your local farmers market or grocery store? That’s right! So read on to find out what veggie assets may be hiding in your home…

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