5 Simple Season Extension and Plant Protection Techniques

Shopping Tips for Buying Greenhouse Accessories

There is an amazing variety of greenhouse accessories that allow you to show off your greenhouse to its very fullest potential, and also repair it. These tend to fall into three main categories:

Camellia – The Real Tea Plant

The vigorous tea trade in the latter 18th century brought new types of tea to Europe and particularly England. The many intrigues and politics of the tea trade are better read in history books than here, where the plant is the primary hero and not some or other commercial or political war.

Passion Flower Helps Hysteria and Insomnia

Passiflora is a genus of about 500 species of flowering plants. The majority are vines but include herbaceous and shrub types.with some being shrubs, Passion flowers have a singular structure, whilst some are self-pollinating, most require pollination via bees or hummingburds.

Chervil – The Gourmet’s Parsley

Chervil is native to the Caucasus – the Romans carried it throughout much of Europe, where it thrives to this day. Chervil is an intriguing herb……

Bringing Withered Plants Back To Life

Insufficient water, lack of sunlight and poor soil are some of the conditions that can take a serious toll on plants, so much so that the plants can eventually die. Many of us face this problem in the garden and we do not really know what to do. Most of the times, we assume that the plants cannot be revived and we leave them without even trying. However, if proper measures are taken then the plants can indeed be brought back to life and their glory can be restored.

How to Grow and Propagate Epimediums

Epimediums are found growing wild from the Mediterranean to temperate East Asia and are made up of around 40 species (both evergreen and deciduous). Naturally occurring in woodland…

The Best Way to Pot Indoor Plants, and Make Sure They Survive

Plants in their natural surroundings will send out their roots to search for food and water. However, your indoor plants can’t do this as they will be dependent on what you give them. By learning the proper way to pot your plants, you can insure their survival for years to come.

Urban Farming: Good Or Bad?

Most of us believe that organic produce is better for us than mass produced and processed corporate farm foods, but that is not always the case. Just because you go to a farmers market to buy fruits and vegetables does not mean that the individual growing such knows what they are doing. “Organic Produce” is a serious term with its own definition, and someone growing produce in their backyard most likely doesn’t qualify for that label even if they are doing mostly everything correctly.

The Use Of Organic Manure In Your Rasied Bed

Largely the character of your soil that is to be enriched decides the time of application. Light soils will be better manured in January or February, but it is better to apply organic food to heavy soil during the fall months. Organic manure is an animal excreta and there can be no question about it that this material is far superior to any thing else or any other type of material.

Weigela Wine and Roses

As is known to all, the deciduous plants favor summer and sun a lot. One of the most distinctive changes occurring in deciduous plants is how their leaves turn going with time. This is totally different from the evergreen plants.

Growing Strelitzia Bird of Paradise From Seed

OK so some time ago (several years back now) I was given 4 Strelitzia Bird of Paradise seeds from a friend none of which germinated and thus I spent month’s looking at my soil where the seeds were sown hoping that I will soon see little seedlings. I was very disappointed to say the least and did not bother again for some time. Then by chance the same friend sent me 3 seeds from Strelitzia Bird of Paradise Mandela’s gold, two of which germinated and are to this day thriving happily as house plants here in the UK.

How Your Greenhouse Will Benefit From LED Light Fixtures

If you are a professional greenhouse gardener or simply someone who likes indoor gardening at home, you can benefit from using LED bulbs and fixtures. Your greenhouse will be able to save financially on lower production costs by using these LED bulbs. LED light fixtures are known for providing the best growth results in the industry. LED fixtures make great replacements, or can be used as additions to what you already have. Gardens use LED lighting efficiently for major growth.

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