5 Tips To Get The MOST Out Of Your Garden

Watsonia in the Bulb Garden

Like gladioli, watsonias also have sword like leaves, grow from corms and, in frost prone areas, need to be planted each spring and lifted in autumn. But they are a more delicate plant, with spires of dainty, trumpet shaped flowers symmetrically grown and pleasing to the eye. They like a sunny spot in well drained soil and can be classed as hardy in only the warmest maritime areas of Britain, where best red is regarded as one of the most robust cultivars.

Growing Herbs in Your Home the Easy Way

If you enjoy fresh herbs in your food, or just delight in their delicious fragrances and varied appearances, then it would be easy for you to make indoor herb gardening part of your home and lifestyle. Herbs in containers not only brightens up any room inside, but also refreshes the air.

Useful Tips For Growing Orchids

If you have ever entered a room with beautiful orchids then you likely know how they got this nickname. Orchids come in a variety of shapes with bright colors. While orchids are fragile and delicate by nature, they can be grown in other locations other than greenhouses. Rather, orchids can also grow under the right home conditions so you can decorate your home with beautiful color patches.

Garden Design Tips – Butterfly Gardens

The Butterfly is an amazing and beautiful little creature. Planting a butterfly garden is fun and can be any size; from a window planter box to small section of your yard to an entire garden dedicated to bringing a different type of color and beauty to your patch of heaven on earth.

Clever Tricks For Transplanting Roses

At some point you may be thinking about transplanting roses. You may be wanting to rearrange your rose garden and move plants around so they enjoy more sunlight. Regardless of the reason for transplanting roses, you will need to understand a few things before you commence.

Winterizing Your Roses

Prepare your roses for the cold and drying winter months. Read these quick tips for pruning and mulching your prized plants to help them survive each winter.

Getting Started With Your Very Own Herb Garden

Herbs have a long history of use in many ancient cultures, such as Egypt and China. Herbs are referred to in the Bible and many medieval documents indicate that herbs were used by most families. Herbs are grown for many purposes, not just for flavoring foods and making teas. Potpourris are made from herbs as well as medicines and pest repellents. The herbs a gardener chooses can fulfill many of these purposes or be grown for one single purpose.

Want to Become an Indoor Gardening Guru? Here Are Some Practical Indoor Gardening Tips

A lot of people dream about indoor gardening. They know it can cut down on their grocery bills and provide them with delicious fresh grown produce for consumption year round. There are an abundance of beautiful indoor garden ideas out there.

Deer – Proofing Your Garden – Don’t Serve Their Favorites

Plants native to specific regions are often less appealing than carefully tended garden foliage and bushes. In Colorado, for example, shrubs less tasty to deer include Austrian copper rose, golden currant, lilacs and Oregon grape holly. Perennial flowers may also prove less inviting, such as lily-of-the-valley, Shasta daisy and Russian sage. Many ground-cover plants such as morning glory, English ivy or creeping mahonia are deer-resistant, as are herbs, including lavender and marjoram.

Growing Herbs For Profit

Do you know that growing herbs can also provide a growth in your income? Read this guide on how to grow your herbs for profit.

What is the Best Garden Soil Mixture?

Many gardeners wonder what the best garden soil mixture is and my answer to that is that there isn’t one best garden soil mixture, there are many very good mixtures that people use. However, there is a rule of thumb to use when mixing garden soil and that is to keep it organic.

Composting Under the Sink Worms

Eisenia fetida or red wigglers, also known under several common names, such as brandling worms, red worms, and tiger worms are earthworm species tailored and adapted to rotting or decaying organic materials. They boom in rotting compost, vegetation, and even manure. These worms are not commonly found in soil, rather they prefer other environments and conditions where other worms would not exist and survive like living under your sink.

Growing Tomatoes – Preparing Your Compost For the 2010

This is the time of year when those crisper mornings come bringing damp air and silver clouds. When all the trees have dropped their golden leaves and the wind has blown them all over the garden. I always thought it was a good idea to gather them altogether and make compost, however, the latest thought is to rake them onto your borders to keep the soil covered for the winter allowing the thinner layers of leaves to be broken down and worked into the soil by nature, mind you it’s the blackbirds rummaging through it looking for bugs that …

Want a Garden to Make Your Neighbours Jealous? Follow These Landscape Garden Design Tips

There are many landscape garden design tips that can be used to help you create an ordinary space into one of beauty and your own style. You will find that a few small ideas and tips can make a big difference and these tips can be used for your existing garden or if you are starting a new garden. In most gardens the perspective is not correct and you should think about the height of your plants.

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