5 Tips to Growing Lavender Perfectly No Matter Where You Live

5 Home Grown Vegetables for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upon us which for our family kicks off with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is that one day out of the year where we recognize how lucky we are to have our health, family and friends around our dinner table and of course the gratefulness that even in these tough economic times we can still put a nice meal on the table to enjoy the day.

Birdwatching Secrets and Tips: Casualties and Hygiene

Have you ever discovered a sick, injured or baby bird in your garden or out walking? Would you know what to do for the best if you did? An adult bird is certainly in need of help if you can pick it up but does every bird you find need rescuing? These are not easy questions to answer but this article will provide some of the answers and try to clear up any misunderstandings.

How to Protect Your Plants From Frost This Winter

Frost causes the water in the plant cells to freeze which damages the cell wall and as a result the inside structure of the plant is damaged. When the ground is frozen, roots cannot take up any water to feed the plant and as a result dies.

Types of Fencing That You Can Use for Your Garden

Most houses of today are seen with a lawn or gardening plot that can be well utilized in a decorative manner to add beauty and splendor to a house. If you also have a vacant space by the side of your house, then how about planting some vegetables and flower plants that will not only make it a riot of colors but also be an enticing time pass for you.

The Meaning of Christmas Decorations – From the Garden Into the Home

When Christmas comes around each year we decorate our homes with a Christmas tree and decorations we bring down from the attic, each year adding a special new bauble or sparkly trinket we may have found in the shops. But do you ever stop to think where this tradition came from? All the decorations we put up at Christmas have their origins in nature and the significance of the plants people in years gone by brought inside at this time of year. What is the significance of some of our more traditional decorations like the Christmas tree and the greenery some of us still bring into our homes from the garden or countryside?

The Many Benefits Of Gardening

Talking about gardening is a sure way of getting needed relaxation from the stress in the environment. Gardening is the work of nature and ones a person falls in love with it, will not be able to go back. The beauty of gardening can only be compared to that of a new born baby whose arrival into the world brings families and friends together.

So You Want To Grow A Vegetable Garden

To be able to grow a vegetable garden can give a lot of pride and satisfaction. To grow a vegetable garden requires more than just sticking a seed in the ground and expecting it to take off and grow. Some people have a green thumb and are able to grow anything while others have the black thumb of death and anything it touches seems to languish or die. So, gardening requires some knowledge and depending on what is grown a vast amount of knowledge.

Why You Should Use Railway Sleepers For Your Raised Planters

Railway sleepers are the ideal length to create a perfectly shaped planter. Placed on their side, four sleepers will form a raised planter that is big enough to house plenty of plants comfortably, but not so many that the planter becomes too overwhelming to care for, or too big for you to reach the plants in the centre with ease.

Planting Irises In Pots Vs In the Ground

An urban environment does not mean you are unable to grow irises or any other plants. You can be just as effective planting the rhizome in pots.

When To Call In a Lawn Maintenance Company To Take Care Of Your Lawn

Mowing lawns is one of those most dreaded tasks by homeowners. To make matters worse, the grass in your yard grows rather quickly. However, here is some good news. If you are still mowing your own lawn, you no longer have to do it yourself. Hiring a professional has become a common service these days.

Diseases That Can Affect An Avocado Tree

Avocado trees are hardy and tough by nature. They flourish in regions with moderate climate and well-drained soil. Cold weather, frost and soggy soils inhibit the growth of healthy trees. These trees take 10 to 15 years to bear fruit. A tree may bear up to 150 to 500 fruits per year. An avocado tree may sometimes grow up to 60 feet. These trees are generally affected by fungal diseases and can at times be harmed by insects and animals.

How To Make A Guava Tree Bear Fruits

The guava is a universal favorite. The ripe guava which is oval, round or pear shaped, is yellow in color has a pungent smell and is considered to be one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. The tree is probably a native of South and Central America, according to the Purdue University. It may have been later introduced to areas with warmer climates.

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