5 Tips to Save Your Vegetable Garden After Too Much Rain

Facts About The Vanda Orchid

The vanda orchid covers about fifty species in the Orchidaceae family. The flowers that fall within this genus are considered to be some of the more important species of orchids. The characteristics of vanda orchids make them especially valuable in creating hybrids that are then sent all over the world.

Aquaponics Compared With Hydroponics

Hydroponics has been a popular way to grow vegetables and it is working well. However it has several disadvantages, which are not found in an aquaponics system.

Proper Care For Garden Tools

Your garden tools may be the farthest thing from your mind in the middle of winter, but now is a great time to get your tools in shape to start the spring season off right. Let’s talk about the right way to put your garden tools to bed for the winter.

LED Grow Panel – Do You Want to Pay Too Much for Your Indoor Garden?

Many people love the idea of having fresh fruits and vegetables close at hand throughout the year. Nevertheless, they make the mistake of investing large amounts of money into equipment that is not right for their goals. Taking a few extra steps can prevent problems.

Weeds and Fertilizations

So you got yourself a bag of fertilizer and one of those fancy little applicators so now what? And what exactly is a weed anyhow?

Canadians Can Compost

The average Canadian produces 2.7 kg of waste per day-that’s the highest rate in the entire world! Many people don’t realize that 60% of the waste around the house consists of biodegradable food, garden, and paper waste. Organic waste that is thrown into the trash is put into landfills, just like all other garbage. However, when organic waste is forced to decompose without oxygen, such as in a landfill, they give off methane, a chemical with 21 times the impact of CO2. An easy way to give back to the earth while disposing of this waste and helping your garden prosper is by composting, which uses organic waste to create natural fertilizers and soil conditioners. Composting your organic waste could cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 320 kg a year. That’s the equivalent of 1500 km of car travel. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, all organic waste is composted, reducing methane emissions by 1400 tonnes a year, generating jobs and cleaning up the city.

How People Save And Make Cash With A Lighted Indoor Garden

An indoor garden can be more than just for fun. You can use an indoor garden as a way to earn a little bit of money. With today’s difficult economic times, more people are going creative routes to make extra money. With an indoor garden, you have the capability to grow plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables the whole year. Even during the toughest winters, you can have beautiful flowers and vegetables that no one else in your community will have. This can also be a good way to save some income feeding your family. During this hard time, groceries and produce can be a huge expense for the average person to deal with. An indoor garden can be enjoyable as well as a helpful way to feed your family while giving you some extra income.

Holidays and the Compost Tumbler Bin: Is That Half Eaten Dinner Roll Green or Brown?

One thing holidays and special occasions have in common; food is plentiful. How much of the scraps and leftovers can become compost? Lets examine what if anything is different in the composter barrel for the holidays.

Prepare for Spring Gardens in January

With the average January rainfall in Southern California at about three inches, gardeners have opportunities this month to spend time outdoors preparing their yards for the spring growing season. Plant Dormant Trees: January is the perfect month to plant dormant trees. Plants that go dormant in winter (stop growing and lose leaves) include most deciduous trees such as maples, poplars, ashes, birches and oaks.

Easy Guide For Repotting Orchids

Repotting orchids may be a little tricky because it is not the same as with other plants, but it’s easy if you know what you have to do. First you must be aware that repotting orchids is ideal for late spring or early summer. Also you must know that there are orchid types that need repotting every year while for others is sufficient once every 3 years.

Basic Composting for City Dwellers

Composting was never meant to be just an outdoor activity. City dwellers can actually participate in this natural process indoors despite residing in a condominium or apartment complex. Composting in the city is quite doable. Urban homeowners just need to know the basics on how to compost, and to know the benefits to further engage them into doing this environmental act.

Composting 101: Basic Guide for Homeowners

Any homeowner regardless of the space they own can get into composting. You would be surprised that even those that are space-restricted (those who live in condominiums and apartments) can produce organic compost straight from their home. So learn how to create your own fertilizer by using just your food scraps and yard wastes. Know more of the basics to home composting by reading more from this article.

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