5 Tips When Adding Color To Your Landscape!

Plant Requirement: Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficiency

Pest infestation or plant diseases aren’t always the reasons for plant disturbance. Other than these two, also consider Plant Nutrient Deficiency when managing your plants in the garden. So if you happen to detect an unusual sighting on your plants (such as a discolored or deformed plant, or a combination of other things), then there must be a problem.

How to Build Your Own Grape Vine Trellis

Grape vine trellis is important to grapevines. We all know that grape vines need support as it grows up and out. It also needs support because the grape clusters become so heavy that its vines cannot fully support is weight and has the tendency to bow to the ground or the vines can break eventually.

Poppy Seeds – Bring a Smile With Feathered Poppies

Whatever kind of garden you may have it will have a certain personality. Formed by the use of your favorite plants and colors some may aspire to create a sophisticated setting of clean lines, a carefully distinguished palette, and hard landscaping. Others may want a huge colorful blousy affair, full of vibrant blooms and scents.

Garden Chairs For Perfect Relaxation

Cedar garden chairs are very popular for outdoor use on decks and patios, as it is designed to be durable and resistant to scratches and does not crack or fade. Wicker garden chairs offer a look that’s perfect for use in the garden or indoors.

Garden Furniture For Your Outdoor Home

Outdoor space is as important, if not more important, than indoor space for many homeowners. Outdoor patio furniture can be your best friend if you are a frequent party giver or just love lounging around comfortably outside.

Solar Garden: Choosing The Best Style

Are you planning to decorate your garden? Have you already thought of the things that you want to put or decorate in your garden? In decorating your garden, you need to know what theme you want to impose to your garden so you would also know what materials you are going to use. But if you want to have colourful and enticing decorations to your garden, I could give you one suggestion; you could use solar garden decors.

Vegetables Worth Growing

Many people who eat a whole foods diet find that it is relatively simple and cost effective to grow some of their own vegetables. When you are eating large amounts of produce there is nothing better than being able to walk into the backyard and pick yourself a salad.

Growing an Herb Garden

When you are focusing on a whole foods diet that consists of mostly produce with small amounts of meats and grains, adding flavor to your food is absolutely essential. Using a few fresh herbs and spices can take a salad or vegetable dish from boring to amazing.

Tansy Golden Buttons Homemade Insect Repellent

Tansy is a perennial herb, Tanacetum vulgare, and a member of the aster family. Tansy is also called common tansy or garden tansy in order to differentiate it from similar looking plants. The leaves are quite aromatic and bruising them releases a strong camphor-citrus odor.

How To Make Compost: Step-By-Step Directions

Many people are trying their hand at an old technique that turns garbage into gold: composting. But making compost can be a bit of a mystery to some people, or seem overly complex. It’s not. Here are step-by-step directions for how to make compost.

Compost Tea: What Is It and What Do You Do With It?

One of the benefits of composting is getting finished compost. But you can also use it to make compost tea. What exactly is compost tea, and what do you do with it?

Pros and Cons of Buying Pre-Made Composters

Maybe you are like millions of people around the world who are looking to reduce your waste. Instead, you are ready to funnel kitchen scraps, paper and garden castoffs and turn them into usable fertilizer. You’re ready to make compost. You’re considering whether or not to buy or make a system. Here are some pros and cons of buying pre-made composters.

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