5 Ways to Harvest MORE From Your Late Summer Garden

March Gardening Tips and Snips

Plant the seed! March makes for the perfect time for gathering in bedding and patio plug plants and seedlings, to give you the biggest and best bedding displays ever!

What Fish To Grow In Aquaponics

There are many lists of the easiest fish to grow in aquaponics, they have been tried and tested by aquaponic farmers. They even come with step-by-step instructions on how to take care and maintain the fish species so virtually nothing can go wrong with your harvest. The most common fish species to grow in an aquaponic system are the hardy ones.

The Perfect Aquaponics Fish

They say that there is no such thing as a perfect aquaponics fish but there are fish that thrive in an aquaponics system and require less maintenance, these are the kinds of fish that you should be looking for. Unless you are an experienced aquaponics farmer, you will want to start with a fish species that isn’t too sensitive and one that is easy to grow. Here are things that you should be looking for in an aquaponics fish: Resistant to disease – fish that are too fragile is not a good thing for beginners.

Points To Consider When Buying Ranunculus Bulbs

Many people enjoy the blooms produced by the gardeners favorite – Ranunculus. But many gardeners choose not too plant Ranunculus bulbs in favor of buying the pre-potted juvenile plants. Ranunculus bulbs are easy to grow both in the garden or in containers on the patio but, what should be looking for when buying Ranunculus bulbs. Listed in this article a few key points to consider.

Ocotillos – Wanted Dead or Alive

To many observers, the ocotillo plants found in our Arizona deserts and landscapes appear dead. Don’t give up hope, chances are it is still alive and will green up and bloom in the future.

Using Climbing Structures in the Garden

There are a number of ways to support the vertical growing habits of climbing plants. However, different climbing structures are more suited to different types of plants. So if you are wondering what to use to support your sweet peas or which plant to grow over a pergola, here is a short guide to different types of climbing structure and the plants best suited to them.

The Basic Techniques of Pruning

Pruning is not something that occurs to plants naturally. It is perhaps worth remembering that as gardeners we prune for our benefit rather than the plants. There is a certain amount of pruning which is done to benefit the health of a plant such as removing dead or diseased stems, but as a rule it is a way of controlling plants when they get too big or clipping a plant into a particular shape. You certainly won’t kill your plants if you don’t prune them, at worst your garden may just become a bit wild and unruly. Here are a few basic tips on how and when to prune.

Seasonal Gardening – The Month of March

The best and most fruitful gardens are properly planned from month to month. By sticking to a ‘To Do’ list on a monthly basis not only will you see instant improvements to you garden, you will also be making the vital preparations for the coming seasons.

Apartment Gardening – Tips For Growing Vegetables In Containers

Get the container size wrong and you can forget about growing vegetables in containers. Apart from tender loving care, container vegetable gardening requires knowledge and skills. Get container gardening tips and advice in this article and be equipped with the right knowledge from pots selection to watering and adding fertilizers for your container vegetable plants.

Landscape Design Software: Benefits and Cons

Prior to purchasing Landscape design software, think about the good and bad points. Developing visual landscapes has never been so easy using the software application choices there are currently. With regards to the type of software program you select, the positives and negatives can vary, it is for this reason best if you thoroughly examine the software program before you make your selection to buy.

What Is Aquaponics? Smart Way To Go Green Explained

What is aquaponics? This article explains aquaponics system. It is designed to help readers understand the system and how it can satisfy their needs.

Take Advantage Of LED Grow Lights

The LED grow light is perhaps the energy efficient light of the century and definitely the light to use for growing plants. There is little or no heat involved with the LED light which makes it a favorite among indoor gardeners because they do not have to set up any sort of cooling feature. With energy efficiency and little or no heat, the LED grow light has taken the market for growing plants in your home or buildings.

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