5 Ways to Prune Tomatoes

What You Didn’t Know About Chia

Chia is an annual, summer herb, which belongs to the family of the Lamiaceae. Although it is a true innovation in our market, 3500 years ago BC was known as an important food-medicine alternative. Chia seeds have a very high nutritional value and medicinal properties. For centuries, this tiny little seed was used as food by the Indians of the Southwest of USA and Mexico.

The Luxury Look With House Plants

The luxury look comes easily and quickly to the rooms of your home when you invest in suitable plants of larger size. If time is not important, however, you can begin with young ones and enjoy them as they grow.

How to Grow Hydro – Using Hydroponics Systems to Grow Plants

For a gardener, growing plants in a controlled setting is a blessing because it would mean better results and may be even the best harvest ever! If you want to grow plants in your home but have no space for a bigger garden or just can’t garden at all because of the weather, why don’t you try hydroponics?

Why Gardening is Beneficial For Everyone

Gardening is a universal activity. It is being practiced in every country although each culture has its own way of practicing it. Every house or home that has a backyard desires a beautiful garden regardless of how small or large their backyard is. Gardening is instinctive. The grueling demands of your everyday life have made people forget about the basics including gardening. But here are 3 reasons to get back on your feet and start digging.

How to Care For Your Lawn

Your lawn is probably the most visible area of your house especially if you live in a picket fence area. You have to take good care of it simply because it serves many purposes.

On Rose Gardening

The good thing about a rose garden is that it can thrive in any climate. While the most basic things that a gardener will just need to remember when doing rose gardening are sunshine, water and fertilizer, there are just a few tips that need to be kept in mind to maintain a lively and lush rose garden.

Growing Medicinal Herbs For Your Family and Friends

If you have an interest in growing medicinal herbs you may want to consider preparing your own. This will take a little work from you but the benefits far out way the labour. You could grow lots of different herbs that are proven to have medicinal properties.

13 Herbs to Consider For Your English Herb Garden

Herb gardens are reported to have been used in medieval times and their popularity continues to grow. Starting an English herb garden can make an attractive addition to any home.

Gardening – An Activity For All Ages

Gardening is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone no matter how old. Who wouldn’t? Simple trimming, weeding or raking can burn 300 calories per hour while heavier tasks like hauling and digging tones body muscles. Other than the physical benefits, the medical world is now starting to recognize the different emotional and healing aspects of gardening. It provides people with an escape from day-to-day stress and helps them cope with depression or facing grief.

Herb Garden Kit – How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

Having a vegetable garden right inside your own space is a great way to ensure that you have the available resources with you which will help preserve your health. Furthermore, this is a rewarding hobby to indulge oneself in that is why it is a must to start doing such as soon as possible.

Indoor Herb Lighting and Light Exposure

One of the utmost important factors to growing herbs successfully in the windowsill is getting just the right amount of lighting. This article tells you how you can set up a good source of light indoors and give your herbs the light exposure that they need.

The Benefits and Basics of Growing Herbs in Pots

Although there are a ton of ways in which you can grow herbs, a very popular and convenient way to cultivating herbs is by growing herbs in pots. Some of the most experienced and veteran gardeners prefer this method over any other when cultivating their herb garden.

When You Plant Herbs, Follow These Guiding Principles

Herbs have been in use for thousands of years mainly for religious, medical and culinary purposes. Even people who do not have enough space for gardening can now grow herbs indoors, using small containers or pots. A gardener can start with a single or two herbs while more adventurous people may grow many herbs.

Some Rose Gardening Tips

Gardening is considered to be a hobby for almost everyone. And especially roses are the favorite flower for anybody in this world. Roses generally have a poetic feeling. Growing a rose plant is very difficult as it has a lot of maintenance factor. To grow a rose plant there are so many tips and tricks to consider.

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