5 Year Update – The RED Gardens Project

A Different Flower for the Easter Season

Passion Flower is found in many countries around the world and enjoys a rich and fascinating history. It is a vine that has medicinal uses, food uses and is absolutely beautiful.

Aquaponics – The Blissful Union of Fish and Plants

Combine a pool full of fish, add a few plants and what do you have? Aquaponics! The blissful union of hydroponics and aquaculture comes together to create plants that grow faster and larger while you also gain a healthy, chemical free population of fish that you and your family can consume. This is aquaponic gardening at its best!

What You Need To Know About Lawn Aerators and Their Benefits

Is your garden dry and lumpy? Have you ever wanted to have a lush green lawn where you can go picnic under the sun without going somewhere else?

Benefits of Petrol Lawn Mowers

There is a large variety of lawn mowers on the market today. When making a decision to purchase a mower, it doesn’t hurt to research the different brands and types of mowers provided.

How to Compost Grass Clippings With Ease

Can you compost grass clippings? Of course you can…just make sure it’s dry, and keep it out of your compost pile if possible. Wait, what?

3 Tips on Gardening: The Art of Nurturing Plants and Flora

Gardening has been a familiar activity that started ages ago. This once tedious activity in the past now becomes a beneficial hobby to many. Yes, it has become a hobby that more and more people are enjoying growing plants and flowers.

How to Make Your Garden Great for Kids

Nowadays kids spend way too much time indoors. To help get them off the couch and get outside and be active, create an enticing garden that they just won’t be able to resist. Make your garden child friendly, with swing sets and other areas set aside just for them.

Five Tips for Maintaining an Orchard

Having your own orchard can be really satisfying as it is lovely to pick and eat fruit you have grown yourself. Fruit trees do require some care, and they do need protection from things like birds and storm damage. You can purchase protective canopies and bird netting to stop your fruit trees from being destroyed.

Transplanting Tomato Seedlings Into Garden Beds

Whether you are growing your tomatoes from seed, or planting seedlings you have bought from a nursery, it is important to follow the correct transplanting procedure. Even if you have sown seed directly into garden beds, in seed rows, there will be a certain amount of transplanting that will need to be done to make sure that plants are nicely spaced for maximum yield. Many gardeners in any case move them all to an entirely new area which has been properly prepared for the crop.

Keeping Electric Fencing to a Safe User Level

Many people are still very cautious about using electric fencing to protect their land or premises. As a result they find their property or land comes under regular attack from unwanted intruders as they are able to easily by-pass the current barriers in front of them. What these people fail to understand is electric fencing can be kept to a safe level, deterring both intruders and their livestock from crossing the barriers, without causing any lasting harm to either.

How to Grow Your Own Organic Tomatoes at Home

Tomatoes are one of the most rewarding plants that an organic gardener can grow. However, they are also regarded as one of the most difficult plants to be grown at home successfully. This guide has tips and information that will help you get started.

History Of Hydroponics

More and more people are using hydroponics to grow fruits and vegetables, both commercially and at home in private gardens. Hydroponics will play a vital role in the future production of fruits and vegetables. Learning the history of hydroponics can help you determine if hydroponics is something that can help you in the future.

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