6 Clever Ways to Water Your Garden In a Drought

Humus – How it Benefits Your Gardens Soil

Compost is one source of humus that should be a part of every organic gardeners practices. It is the life to the soil your plants grow in. Keeping your garden soil feed with organic matter will improve the soils structure.

Basic Compost Making – Best Tips and Tricks

Composting can be very simple, but before you get started, you’ll want to find the right composting technique for you. We talk about location, ingredients, maintenance and rewards.

Tips For Container Gardening

If you don’t have enough space to have your own garden, don’t despair. You can build a small vegetable patch or create a small garden of flowers just by using containers.

Humus – It is All About Soil

What is the first thing you think about when the word garden is brought up? Is it a thriving crop of vegetables, flowering plants, herbs or ripe berries. Gardening seems to be thought of being all about plants. The truth is that gardening is all about the soil you grow your plants in.

Soil Amendments For the Organic Garden

Biodiversity in the home backyard garden will have your plants thriving. Organic soil amendments that are natural will provide your gardening soil the food it needs for the natural life that lives and works so hard to keep the soil structure of your gardens healthy.

Compost Tea – A New Generation

Compost tea is a liquid extract of compost and is gaining recognition, along with acceptance by many homeowners and commercial growers due to the facts of its ability to stimulate soils biological activity. The improvement of soil structure, and the enhancement of the overall plant health and vigor is the key to having a successful organic garden.

Tomato Facts

A few interesting facts about tomatoes. Growing and harvesting tips you may not know about America’s favorite vegetable.

Does the Earthbox System Deliver on Its Promises? My Experience

The Earthbox System seems like a gardener’s dream come true with promises of huge yields, less work, and no weeding. Does it really work, or is it all hype? I tested two Earthboxes during an entire growing period to find out.

The Kordana Rose

The Kordano Rose is considered miniature roses and is available in over 40 different styles. The adorable blossoms vary in shape and color from whites and creams, yellows and oranges, pinks to deep reds and purples.

Get Your Soil Right For Tomatoes

Tomatoes get their water and nutrients from the soil, so the better you prepare your soil the better and more productive your tomato crop will be. Tomatoes need soil that is rich in organic matter, which will help it drain well, and that is fertile enough to support this ‘heavy feeder.’

Vertical Garden

By using various structures such as cages, nets, trellises, or stakes, you can create a vertical garden for vegetables such as, but not limited to: peas, beans, squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Vine growing fruits include: raspberries, blackberries, and grapes.

List of Things You Need to Get Started Growing With Hydroponics

If you are considering growing with hydroponics but don’t have a clue where to start then read on. There are many benefits when growing with hydroponics, not just the fact that you don’t need a garden, but you utilize space better which means you take up less of it. There is also the added bonus of knowing what you are putting into your plants, and technically speaking, creating the perfect plant.

Best Tips in Choosing Garden Statues

When you are going to improve the beauty of your garden, what will you add? Among the many beautiful improvements and accessories for a garden, you can choose statues as a great alternative. The challenge in choosing a proper statue is making it stay in concept with the existing theme you used in creating your garden. In order to make it appropriate with the setting of your garden, you have to pay attention to several important things.

Basic of Gardening Care and Maintenance

A healthy garden is composed of plants that are free from garden pests and diseases. You can do many things to keep your plants stay healthy. One way you can do is to have the right collection of plants.

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