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Rosemary Herb – Growing and Caring For Rosemary Herb

Rosemary herb is one of the best kinds of herbs to grow. It serves many purposes including culinary, medicinal, and decorative purposes. It is used to add flavor to most dishes and its aroma serves as a stimulant.

Container Gardening – Recycling Old Containers to Brighten Up Your Patio Garden

Gardening containers come in a variety of sizes designed for different plants as well as different spaces and height restrictions. Bare spots can be instantly filled with these movable containers, giving a wide arrange color for special occasions.

Edible Gardens in Pots – Converting Your Patio Into an Edible Garden

Today a whole garden salad can be picked from patio pots and containers, including a wide array of flowers that are both beautiful and edible. These edible garden flowers were once used as a decoration, but not anymore. Violets, pot marigolds, sunflowers, nasturtiums and cornflowers are among flowers you can grow along with other salad ingredients on your patio.

Tips For Children – Watering Plants

The greatest water you could pour on your plants is rain water. It is very nutritious to them, because it carries lots of natural minerals, plants need these to be beautiful and strong.

Lazy Ways of Watering Tomato Plants For Awesome Results

Properly watering tomatoes is arguably one of the most important steps for growing plump, juicy tomatoes in the home garden. Watering too much or not enough can destroy or limit tomato plant production, and can contribute to increasing the chances for disease. Deep watering tomato plants is the best way to properly water your tomatoes.

The Basic Planning of an Italian Herb Garden

In order to have the best garden possible, you will want to properly plant it. The Italian herb garden is no exception to this rule. Many people would like to start an herb garden to accompany their cooking. In order to do this, you may need to make some accommodations. Take into consideration light, wind and rain.

9 Indoor Hydroponics Gardening Advantages!

Have you ever considered getting into indoor hydroponics gardening as a hobby or way of making extra money? Below is a list of advantages of indoor hydroponics gardening when compared to traditional soil based gardening:

Growing Tomatoes – Greenhouse Style!

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse requires a little extra effort, but it is a great way to grow tomatoes through the winter season. Alternatively, if the weather in your area does not permit enough sunlight to successfully grow tomatoes then growing in an indoor environment will be the only option. It is not too difficult to grow sweet tasting tomatoes in your greenhouse environment with a little knowledge.

Growing Your Own Italian Herb Garden!

Italian food needs herbs. And herbs straight from the garden can’t be beaten.

Growing Herbs – Fennel

Fennel is native to the Mediterranean, where it was highly sought after by ancient Romans for its succulent leaves and liquorice-like aroma and is one of the oldest cultivated plant. It’s a hardy, perennial, (meaning that it grows year-round) umbelliferous herb, with yellow flowers and feathery leaves.

Learn How Much it Costs to Build Greenhouses

Greenhouses are something that many people will use when trying to grow vegetables and other types of plants around the time of year when it is hard for them to grow. They are designed to provide them shelter from the elements outside and to allow them room for them to grow before we transplant them into the ground outside.

If You Want Flowers, Choose a Bush Rose! Caring For Your Bush Rose

There are many different styles of rose, and each style will provide a different structural element to your garden. Climbing roses give a lovely, cottage-y feel to your garden, while standard roses provide a wonderful frame to an entrance way or path. Miniature roses provide great ground cover, however if you are looking for a good, cutting rose that you can bring inside and enjoy, then a bush rose is the way to go.

How to Successfully Transplant Your Roses!

Despite their difficult reputation, there’s no reason why you can’t successfully transplant your roses if you follow a few basic tips. First of all, it’s important to wait until your rose is dormant – that is, no longer flowering or actively growing. This will usually be in mid-winter if you live in a temperate climate.

Which Plants For Your Herb Garden? Culinary, Fragrant and Medicinal Herbs

Herbs are a wonderful, fragrant and attractive addition to your vegetable garden, but there is a huge range to choose from. So before you rush off to the garden center it pays to take a few minutes to think through the different types of herbs available, and what you want from your herb garden.

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