6 Easy Plants to Grow in Your Spring Garden ๐ŸŒท ๐Ÿฅ”

Planting Tomatoes – Tips to Plant Tomatoes in Your Garden

Producing high quality tomatoes is easy to do when you know the proper way of planting and fertilizing. In the US and other countries gardeners grow more tomatoes than any other vegetable. It is the perfect garden crop!

Aquaponics Design: The Parts of the System

Aquaponics is a wonderful example of the circle of life in action. Fish, by their very nature, give off ammonia. This ammonia can be converted into nitrates which will feed plants and allow them to thrive. As the plants take the needed nitrates, they filter the water for the fish, allowing them to survive in a clean environment.

Caring For A Bonsai Ginseng – My Basic Tips

A simple and informative approach on how best to care for your Bonsai Ginseng. Put together by of course an owner of many such plants.

Growing Plants Without Soil

It used to be common knowledge that plants required three things to survive: soil, water, and light. In more recent years the study of hydroponics and aquaponics has led to the discovery that, in fact, growing plants without soil is possible.

Interior Plants Can Act As an Affordable, Out of the Box Team Building and Stress Management Therapy

The positive effects of greenery on the working environment have been known and exploited for quite some time. Both employers and employees benefit greatly from the fresh vibe and cozy feeling they bring. This article aims at presenting interior plants as something more than decoration and a means to boost up productivity. It offers some thoughts on how they can be used to build a sense of tranquility and belonging in the staff.

Top Ten Benefits of Artificial Grass: Artificial Grass As a Natural Grass Alternative

Artificial grass is as good as natural grass. In many aspects, it can even be better. The synthetic substitute ultimately upgrades your lawn to a magnificent view. The benefits that artificial lawns bring revolutionize how people do landscaping.

Greenhouse Kits Will Save You Money on Food Cost and Reduce Health Cost

Greenhouse kits and a garden will save you more money than you can imagine. This is a true story about a diabetic that cut all her medical bills and grocery bills in half or more with simple living. Anyone can live this same lifestyle and save money. A great lifestyle to have and share with family and friends. Start gardening today and live an enriched healthier lifestyle.

Caring for Roses – Doing Things Right

Like any other tasks, caring for roses, if not done right will end up with results you’ll not be happy with. You may even reach to a point where you become frustrated and give up rose gardening. To be successful in caring for roses, get on the right track by doing the right thing in growing them, and be aware of the right things you need to do. Here are some things you need to remember in caring for roses.

How To Keep Pests Away From Your Garden

Pests and insects are a common problem in most of the gardens and they pose as a threat to your beloved plants. They gorge on leaves, fruits and vegetables growing in the garden. Sometimes they get out of hands and destroy all the plants leaving you disappointed. If you do not control them then they can potentially take over the entire garden and ruin all your hard work.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes are not related to other types of artichoke, and are tubers, just like potatoes. They are particularly easy to grow.

A Few Things You Should and Should Not Do to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

Gardens are very important to wildlife. They not only provide food and shelter to a large number of plants, insects and animals, they form a ‘bridge’ between very built-up areas and natural countryside to allow wildlife to move easily from one place to another. Also, as more and more of our natural habitats become eroded, polluted or disappear all together, our gardens are increasingly becoming a refuge for our wildlife. Whether you are an expert gardener or just enjoy growing a few plants on your patio, there is a lot you can do to attract wildlife to your garden. Your garden may already have walls, trees, hedges or flower beds that provide a habitat for wildlife. Here are a few dos and don’ts to encourage more.

Preparing for Your First Spring Time Gardening

Spring time gardening and everything you need to know! Are you ready for spring gardening? Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

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