6 Perfect Plants for a Cocktail Herb Garden

Tips to Get Good Used Tillers for Sale

In comparison to buying the best new garden tiller, finding good used tillers for sale can prove to be quite an intricate task. For those who are on a tight budget and need to buy a full-sized garden tiller, used garden tillers generally seem like a feasible option due to their reasonable price. However, there is a lot more that should be considered apart from the initial price, when looking for a used garden tiller.

How to Care for Your Roses

We have a vast wealth of knowledge on Roses and Rose Care. If you are looking for information on different roses and not sure which would be appropriate for your needs then you can call us to discuss or read on for the Rose Care article.

Planning Small Greenhouses: 7 Tips for Success

Gardening is a passion for many people and it’s gaining in popularity each and every day as it once was years ago. Gardening can be useful for spending quality time with your family, growing healthy chemical free foods or just plain taking the stress out of your day while you tend to your plants in a peaceful environment. Adding a small greenhouse to your garden is a great way to extend your gardening experience throughout the entire year depending on which type of greenhouse you choose.

Growing Vegetables in Pots and Containers

If you don’t have much space in your garden but want to grow your own vegetables, don’t worry, many vegetables can be successfully grown in containers. Whether you have pots or window boxes, you can grow a range of vegetables from herbs to tomatoes. Containers of vegetables can be dotted around your garden, even placed in amongst the flower beds, or you can create an attractive and useful arrangement of pots and containers outside your kitchen for easy access. If container vegetable gardening appeals to you there are a few things to consider before you start.

How to Choose What to Grow in Your Greenhouse

Whether your new to greenhouse gardening or been at it for a few years you need to plan on what you want to grow in your greenhouse that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle. Don’t over-think this topic but look at who you are and how small greenhouse gardening can be enjoyable while achieving your gardening goals.

Planning What to Grow on a Small Vegetable Plot

Once you have decided where to position your vegetable pot and prepared the site it’s time to decide what you want to grow. It is so easy to get carried away by the range and variety of vegetables available in seed catalogues and garden centres, but before you do there are few things you might want to consider, especially if your plot is only small.

Primer to Seed Propagation

Every gardener knows the joy of planting the first seed of the season but before you stick that trowel into a bag of potting soil, you need to first heed a well-known saying. While this saying is normally geared toward the human race it is critical when one is talking about gardening.

Aquaponics: Organic Gardening for All People Who Love to Eat Fresh

Aquaponics: what is it, can I do it, will it work in my region. Environmental concerns have caused increased interest in organically grown crops. While advancements in technology have increased productivity in agriculture we are still limited by land and water resources.

Gardening – To Sustain Health, Boost Morale, and Generate an Income – Based on Scientific Research!

This article gives tips on how to create your own beautiful environment. Gardening is a healthy past time as it reduces stress. Studies show that gardeners have the same brain wave patterns as people who meditate, and that we are genetically programed to seek nature and interact with it. The organic movement is taking the agricultural world by storm, so now is the time to lay the foundations and prepare your garden for organic production. And make money doing something you feel passionate about!

Attracting Wildlife With a Garden Fountain

Adding a garden fountain to your landscape is like sending an invitation to your feathered friends. Birds and other wildlife are attracted to the moving water of a garden fountain and are more likely to visit.

Sowing Vegetable Seeds Directly Into the Ground

Raising strong and healthy plants is a crucial part of successful vegetable gardening. Most vegetables can be easily grown from seed but there are a few that are not usually grown in this way. Potatoes are grown from ‘seed potatoes’ and alliums, with the exception of leeks, are grown from what is known as ‘sets’. When growing vegetables from seed you can choose to do it one of two ways. The first is ‘direct sowing’ which is putting the seed directly in the ground, or sowing seed in trays or individual pots to be planted out later.

I Have a Clay Soil Base in My Home Vegetable Garden – Can You Help Me?

When you have a clay soil, not only do the weeds break off at the base as you are trying to pull them, the soil is just like cement in hardness making you wonder how your garden can produce anything! It is impossible to till or hoe or whatever – just to describe some of the problems. Good soil prevents a lot of common problems.

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