7 Corn Growing Mistakes to Avoid

Stressed Out? Be Sure to Read This – How Container Gardening Can Heal You

A stressed life can be devastating. Don’t you just hate it when your day seems busy but you feel like not achieving much? Here’s how you can change that feeling by starting your own container garden.

Planting the Spring Bulb

Planting the spring bulb varies from coast to coast depending on when the ground freezes if it freezes. Areas of the Deep South, Pacific Southwest and the California coast do have problems with the ground freezing and can plant way into January.

Steps in Growing Basil Indoors

Some herb gardeners think that growing basil indoors is not easy. Well, whether you are an experienced gardener or a new one, you can successfully grow basil by following these steps. Many dishes can be cooked with basil and if you have one at home, you will have a fresh supply of this herb variety.

Early February in the Garden

Firm up the wallflowers lifted by the frost, and replace any casualties with plants from the nursery bed if the weather is kind. There is still time to divide the large clumps of Michaelmas daisies and perennials in the border, keeping the vigorous out­side growth and discarding the tired centre. Some plants allow themselves to be torn apart, others are better divided by using two forks back to back.

Your Greenhouse, Vegetables and Fruit in Early March

In the greenhouse the following tasks become something of a priority. Half-hardies – asters, French marigolds, stocks, petunias others – should be sown in a warm greenhouse or the kitchen.They should be pricked out when the first true leaves open.

Garden Flowers and Shrubs in Early March

Garden flower seed sowing can begin if the weather is friendly and a general fertilizer at around 2 ozs. to the sq. yd. should be worked into the bed for annuals and half-hardies. Gardeners in the south, who have hardened off their sweet pea seedlings, can now plant them out during a mild spell. Those in the north must be more patient. The drills should be watered the day previously and the roots carefully disentangled before planting.

Chores For Gardeners During Winter

The chores for gardeners during winter help the gardens, fruit trees and landscaping for the upcoming growing season. Enhancing the soil, protecting bulbs and perennials, and maintaining the garden tools are more of the chores for gardeners.

Planting an Herb Garden at Home

When designing the outdoor landscaping of your home, there’s no reason that it can’t be functional as well as attractive. Herb gardens are wonderful ways to add an extra bit of dimension to the outdoor area of your home, while creating useful ingredients that you can use in the kitchen on a regular basis.

Is Your Greenhouse Eco-Friendly?

It is quite easy to make your greenhouse eco-friendly. Many gardeners have adopted organic or natural gardening ideas in their gardens, so why not make sure your greenhouse also used organic and energy-saving techniques. Here are ways to make your greenhouse an energy efficient and eco-friendly place.

Garden Lights For Making Your Outdoor Garden More Attractive

After you have designed and planted an attractive garden in your home, enjoying and taking a look while sitting back in is a really fascinating and cheerful experience. You get the most wonderful feeling of the creative work you have carried out after a long span of time and devotion of lots of efforts and it pays off when you get compliments about how wonderful and artistic it looks like from different people having a look at your creative work.

Simple Tips For Designing an Attractive Butterfly Garden

Among the several different types and kinds of gardens, a butterfly garden is considered to be the most attractive and the most compelling one because of the aspects and features it involves. Butterflies are something that can bring smile on anybody’s face and having them in your garden in an ample amount will surely bring lots of smile on the faces of your children and other family members as well.

Knowing the Different Plant Categories

When we talk about different kinds of plants, one helpful way to categorize them is by observing how the different plants grow and adapt in their different environments. This implies that you should examine if a certain plant can bear with the different weather conditions, different kinds of soil and different amount of water given.

Growing Coriander Tips

The fragrant leaves of the coriander herb are part of many types of cuisines such as Oriental, Middle Eastern and Hispanic and are used in meat, vegetable and lentil recipes. Growing coriander in your own garden is the best way to ensure the freshest supply for your cooking. By becoming familiar with the growing requirements of this distinctive herb it will make growing coriander an easy task.

Mid February in the Garden

As we approach mid February there are tasks to be done in the vegetable patch, with our garden flowers, climbers and shrubs to ensure a fast lift off when the weather gets warmer. We can now begin to use the early evenings as the light stretches out.

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