7 Solutions For Stunted Seedlings

Growing Tomato Indoors is Possible!

Most people questioned the process of growing tomato indoors. But did you know that having tomatoes inside your home can be an effective way of planting? All you need is prepare all the materials needed to obtain the healthy growth of your tomatoes.

Organic in the Garden – 5 Steps to Growing Tomatoes Successfully

Tomatoes are one of the most common plants grown in the home garden. There are many varieties available suitable for a wide range of uses in the organic kitchen…

A Quick Start Guide to Organic Gardening

So, you want to start an organic garden but are not exactly sure where and how to start. Don’t worry. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to start your own organic garden and with this quick start guide to organic gardening you will be planting, harvesting and eating your own organically grown food in no time.

Steps to Growing Cutting Roses

If you are ready to try growing cutting roses, you are in for an adventure. Growing cutting roses takes some time and patience, but it can be done. Even if you don’t have the perfect stem to cut from, just make sure that you choose a stalk that is healthy and you can make it work.

Tips For Maintaining Bonsai Trees

Growing and enjoying lush green trees are the luxuries that not many can afford these days as people are increasingly dwelling in apartments. Apartments also do not provide enough scope for people to indulge in their hobby, gardening. However, there are many who have found an alternative — Bonsai.

Invest Wisely to Get the Best Vegetable Crops

Are you fond of growing vegetables in the indoor garden of your house? It does not involve much science as it is very simple to choose the labelled vegetable seeds. But if you need it, be a little careful about the selection of seeds, it should be natural and a hybrid to grow.

Gardening For the Birds

One of the most beautiful sounds from the great outdoors is the sound of singing birds. Nature’s song makers have long been welcome visitors to our gardens, providing valuable services such as pest control and pollination as well as adding beauty to the surroundings.

How to Plant an Herb Garden

The herb is a very common and very popular vegetable it is widely planted and grown in various countries and various regions across the world. Herbs are also very intriguing and this is mainly due to the fact that they are widely used and widely grown. Herbs are used for all sorts of things and they have various properties. They have medicinal properties and healing properties.

How to Grow Roses?

In general, roses have always been termed with a reputation of being difficult to grow and maintain. However, in real sense, this is a myth only. So, if you are planning to grow roses for your garden, do not let yourself down by such rumors.

Transferring Roses

There are many things to consider in transferring roses from one area – where it was first planted, to another place or spot in your garden. Why is there a need for transplanting or transferring rose plants?

Japanese Gardens – Tranquility Personified

Japanese Gardens have been a treasured art form in Japan for centuries, and are very much influenced by the ancient and intricate garden designs of China. The exacting tradition, linked to the related and equally disciplined arts of calligraphy and Japanese ink brush painting, is historically passed down from sensei, or master, to apprentice.

Harvesting Rain Water

A catastrophic event  is occurring  in the Gulf of Mexico, and I began to realize how precious, and fragile, our natural resources are.  Then, the third heat wave of the summer of 2010 hits the Delaware Valley and it got me to thinking.

5 Planning Tips For a Successful Garden

You may have been filled with envy watching a friend’s garden full of flowers and ripe tomatoes, and immediately you have this bit of inspiration that you can easily have a successful garden right in your own yard. Plan your garden well with these five tips and you too can experience the joy of successful gardening.

Building a Raised Vegetable Garden

Why build a raised vegetable garden you may ask. The advantages are that you will have good drainage, it will be easier to maintain the garden because it is not so far to bend down and you are able to build up the fertility of the soil by adding plenty of compost and rotted animal manures.

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