7 Tips to Grow Cucumbers in Containers

Using A Small Yard For Growing Food

Lots of people have become very interested in staying healthy these days. Many organic goods from the nearby grocery store can fill the void, but they frequently cost way too much to make using them for everything doable. Given the expensive prices and limited selection, lots of people have resorted to using their backyard for growing. Anyone can be a successful grower even with no backyard, but there are some important factors to consider before making a purchase.

Starting Seeds Indoors

The number one reason for starting seeds indoors is to get a head start on the growing season. This is especially important if you are in a northern location that takes longer into the season to remain warm. Starting seeds indoors allows you to grow healthy seedlings that will be healthy and prepared to be placed in your garden.

The Caveats of Growing Basil Indoors

Choosing basil for your indoor herb garden is good, however you must learn the caveats to growing basil indoors. Basil requires adequate light, balanced hydration and a proper environment to thrive.

Creating and Planting a Herbaceous Border

If like me, you are a bit of a traditionalist as far as garden design is concerned, then you will more than likely already have a herbaceous border as part of your garden design. The term herbaceous border means a collection of plants, normally perennials, arranged closely together to create a spectacle of colour and shape in a border normally arranged either side of a lawn. The herbaceous border first became popular during the Victorian era and was further popularised by celebrated gardeners of the early twentieth century such as Gertrude Jekyll.

Getting Started With Vegetables

Think you can’t grow your own vegetables? Think again with these (almost) indestructible vegetables. Learn how to grow your own chives, leeks, English spinach, snake beans and spring onions.

Artificial Grass: Install It Yourself

Installing Artificial Grass can cost a lot of money but if you do the installation yourself, you will save yourself as much as fifty percent of the cost. For lawns that look great and give you years of pleasure do your research and learn the correct way to lay down artificial grass and choose the right grass for the type of use.

Prevention And Cures For Pests in a Home Vegetable Garden

The earlier the presence of pests is noted, the easier they are to control. Most pests multiply very quickly and will spread from plant to plant (just to make your life difficult!). In the early stages it is sometimes possible to destroy visible pests by picking them off plants. Usually, simple methods of control are inadequate. Much as I hate to admit it, most pests can be killed by the application of a suitable pesticide.

Knowing When To Plant Herbs Is Vital

Again it is also sometimes easier to start growing certain herbs than others so one needs to make sure that they’re able to actually cultivate the ones that they want. There are multiple uses for these kinds of plants. Some people like to use them in order to extract their medicinal properties which can sometimes be very beneficial to one’s health. Others will decide to use them in tea and flavoring in food. Therefore it is essential knowing when to plant herbs.

Discover Types Of Herbs That Can Be Grown In The Home

From iced tea to high end cocktails there are no end of drinks that can be punched up with the addition of a little fresh mint. Not having to pay for the cost of purchasing it is really just a bonus once you consider the amount of flavor it can offer your culinary efforts. If you are looking for a good test plant this would be a really good choice to consider further.

How To Grow An Organic Garden

You may have finally decided that enough is enough, it is time to take the responsibility of providing yourself and your family with chemical free, great tasting, highly nutritious food. You now realize the only way to do that is to grow your own food organically. So, the question is how to grow an organic garden?

3 Best Tips for Home Organic Gardening

People often think that gardening is hard work and not worth the effort for what they receive in vegetables for their family. Could it be that home organic gardening can be fun and easy? By fun and easy I mean there is work to do, but that work can be made a fun project for the family and not a chore that must be done.

What Is The Best Organic Gardening Fertilizer?

People who are new to organic gardening often think that organic gardening fertilizer is just another kind of fertilizer in a bag. If you are a true organic gardener this is not the case.

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