7 Ways to Deal With Slugs

A Quick Guide to Compost

If you Google the word compost, you will find an amazing variety of composts are available. So how do you know which compost to choose, and what to use it for? Read on for a quick guide to compost types.

Caring for Your Lawn Turf: Spring, Summer and Autumn Maintenance

Nobody ever said that having a lawn was an easy option. Not only do you need to mow it, but it also needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good. But follow this easy guide, and you’ll soon have a beautiful lawn!

Benefits of Composting for the Environment

There are many benefits of composting, its good for the garden and its good for the environment. The composting of waste has grown rapidly in the last ten years, with the vast majority of households now collecting household rubbish, garden and other green waste separately for composting rather than sending it to landfill.

Should You Seed or Turf Your Lawn?

If you’re anything like most people, your lawn probably struggles from time to time. It may have worn patches where a path has been trodden across it, or perhaps it’s suffering from being used as a football pitch, or maybe there are bare patches under a tree, or too much moss. How can you repair it?

Biological Control For Some Common Plant Pests

Majority of the most common garden pests can be controlled through natural means known as biological control. Natural predators, parasites and pathogens can kill most of the known pests.

Eat Your Way to Good Health With Tomatoes

The American Tomato Products Wellness Council has identified hundreds of research studies from all over the world that prove that tomatoes are an important key to good health. The Council, which works towards increasing awareness of the health benefits of tomatoes and tomato products, had, by May 2013, identified more than 400 scientific studies, all of which highlight tomatoes as a primary superfood of the 21st century.

Top Tips for Container Planting, From Choosing Compost to Setting Up Your Display

It doesn’t matter whether you start with a particular container, or particular plants, but the two need to be right for each other. Size is the most important factor.

Improve Your Lawn For Free, Can Seaweed Help Your Lawn To Grow?

If you are keen on maintaining your lawn and improving its appearance, you’ve likely seen lawn-care products in your local supermarket, garden center or even online that are advertised as seaweed-based liquids. Would you like to know more about this? How accurate are the claims made about seaweed?

Preparing the Ground for Planting With New Topsoil

New build houses don’t very often have beautiful gardens. It just doesn’t seem to be something that is considered important, and developers usually just leave the garden as a roughly-laid lawn or perhaps a patio. But it may well be very important to you, so here are some tips for preparing the ground to create a garden outside a new build house.

Mint Is An Easy And Pleasant Addition To Your Home Herb Garden

The plant is generally easy to cultivate in an herb garden. It grows successfully where the soil is moist. The leaves of most species are fuzzy on the top side, and have jagged edges with small points around the perimeter. The plant spreads easily in sunny or partially shady locations in many climates. In order to keep it contained, it’s a good idea to surround it with a barrier that is at least 10 inches deep before planting it.

5 Garden Watering Options

Water is essential for any garden to blossom, but how do you ensure that your garden gets the right amount of water? What options are available? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Why Tree Topping Is Not Always the Preferred Method

Tree topping is a simple method which can prove to be quite harmful for the tree’s health in addition to the future security of your house. In this method, about 50 to 100% of the leaf bearing crown of the tree is removed. Therefore, it gets reduced in size and your problem gets solved. But, this method actually poses a lot of problems for you.

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