8 Peperomia Obtusifolia Care Tips and Tricks

When and How to Pick Tomatoes

There’s no real mystique to picking tomatoes, except that some types ripen more quickly and differently to other types. Also, if you just tug the tomato off the bush you may damage the stems.

What You Can Do With Green Tomatoes

If you ask most people what you can do with green tomatoes, they will immediately chirp: “Fry them!” This probably has more to do with the 1990s movie Fried Green Tomatoes than recipes for the fruit, even though people have been cooking unripe tomatoes for centuries.

Bugs That Love Tomatoes

Much as we love tomatoes, so too do a number of bugs and other pests. For this reason it is essential to keep an eye out for those that are most common and to take corrective action as soon as you spot them.

How to Control Tomato Pests

There are various ways to control the many bugs and pests that infest and eat tomatoes and tomato plants. Methods range from what may best be described as “good housekeeping”, where your soil and the garden environment are kept clean and well-weeded, to applying insecticides that have been evolved to control specific bugs.

Structure of the Potato

Understanding how a potato is made – or structured – is not only interesting, but it also explains how we are able to reproduce potato plants from the tubers themselves. While true potato seed comes from the berries that form in the foliage of potato plants, this type of seed forms fewer and smaller tubers than those that are grown from “tuber seeds.”

Regional Calendar of Herb Garden Care

If you want to have the most amazing herb garden, it’s important to use the regional calendar of herb garden care to know when you should plant, where you should plant, and how you should care for the herbs you want to grow. Each herb is its own plant, and every plant has its own requirements for proper growth. Depending on the time of year, your altitude, and the climate you live in, the herbs you want to grow may need special care to help them thrive. This is why so many people turn to a regional calendar of herb garden care in order to grow the most successful garden possible.

Improve Your House’s Aesthetic Look With Deck and Dock Boxes

The first thing that anyone would notice about your house is your house’s aesthetic appeal. This could include your front lawn, patio, garden, and driveway. To make the curb appeal of your home cluttered free, you must invest in practical and functional storage furniture and fixture. These materials could be anything from baskets, deck boxes, or dock boxes.

Rain Barrels: How Important Are They For Gardening?

There are a variety of different people that work on their gardens for long periods of time. These people have also been faced with issues that pertain to not having enough water. This is because many of these people live in drought zones where they have many different types of water rules that have to be adhered to. It’s sad to say, that many of these gardeners tend to give up gardening simply because they cannot provide enough water to keep their plants healthy. In this article you’ll discover a way that you can provide much-needed water for your garden by using rain barrels.

Composting With Worms at Home

Composting with worms can be done anywhere, even at home. These soil creatures can certainly help convert your kitchen scraps and garden wastes into a hefty supply of organic resource. Imagine how much you can save the earth just by reducing your household garbage with the assistance of only Red wiggler worms or European nightcrawlers.

Gardening Gloves: How Important Are They?

Gardening gloves can provide many different benefits that a gardener is probably not even aware of. They cover your bare hands, they keep you warm, and they protect you from all the different elements that can prick, poke, cut, and scrape your hands. The important thing to know about gloves is that all garden gloves are not the same.

Hydroponic Tents Benefits

From farmers to amateur home horticulturalists hydroponics has gained immense popularity due to its numerous benefits. Hydroponic tents play an important role in the rapid cultivation of quality plants and so it is mandatory for the gardeners who do the indoor hydroponics gardening to make use of the hydroponic tents.

How To Prepare Your Gardening Soil

Before getting started on planting a few flowers, you will need to take some time and prepare your garden soil. Clay, silt, and sand will all need to be mixed perfectly in order to prepare your soil to provide the best possible environment for your plants. The ideal soil conditions that will promote excellent plant growth will be 20% clay, 40% silt, and 40% sand. There are many different tests that are used by gardeners that will provide the information you need to know about perfect soil composition.

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