8 Tips to Grow Better Basil

Aquaponics Basics: Plants and Fish

Aquaponics yields two main crops: Fish and Produce. This article discusses some of the basics to keep in mind so that you can avoid problems with your fish and produce.

Unique and Versatile Ways to Garden

Container gardening is a unique and versatile way for anyone to garden. Growing flowers or vegetables in whatever space you have is a great way to add a spot of color to your home or patio. Watching the plants grow and bloom or produce something edible adds fun and enjoyment without the hard work of a traditional garden.

Grape Vines Phenology and Stages of Growth

Grape vine scientists, Viticulturists, call the predictable steps of vine growth as the Phenology of Grape Vines and it means that the cycle of the plant’s growth has a number of discrete steps that are repeatable and always in the same order. These steps go one after the other every single year and their timing is regulated by the sun’s radiation and its heat.

Planting Ideas for Spring Containers

March brings the promise of spring but the garden at this time of year can still be drab and devoid of much colour. Simple early spring containers are a great way to brighten up a patio or provide colour when placed in a bare border. This time of year you can either spruce up pots containing winter bedding by removing dead or tired looking plants and replacing them with new ones, or start from scratch with a mixture of evergreen plants, spring bulbs and bedding plants. Here are a few planting schemes you might like to try.

Dividing Perennials and Taking Basal Cuttings

March is a good time to take stock of your herbaceous borders by rejuvenating large, tired clumps of perennials and increasing your plant stock. The borders in your garden will have just started to show new signs of life during this month so it is easy to see exactly what plants you have and which ones need some attention. Plants can be expensive to buy and it may not always be easy to find the exact variety you want, so an easy solution is to make some new ones yourself. Here is a quick guide lifting and dividing perennials and taking basal cuttings.

Organic Food and Fresh Fish From Aquaponics: Easy Way to Go Green

Aquaponics is an easy and cost effective way to produce organic food and fresh fish while you are going green. This system utilizes waste and turns into benefits!! Here is details on Aquaponics for you.

Starting Seedlings Like the Professionals

Last year, while shopping for seedlings, I saw a worker at my local nursery up-potting seedlings, from a tray with small cells, into six packs. He had a tool he pressed into the six pack dirt that left square holes in each cell that just fit the block of soil around each seedling. The seedlings were still small, but seemed to have at least 2 true leaves, in addition to the seed leaves.

Birds Looking For Bird Houses

It’s that time of the year again, time for the birds to come back home from their ventures south. So what can we do to assist in their transition? We can provide them with a safe and secure home where they can start their new families. Once the matting has taken place, these pairs are in search of the perfect bird houses to start their families. They have now found your newly purchased or cleaned out bird condos or bird houses and they begin to start furnishing the inside for nesting.

Birdhouses More Popular Than Ever

Whether you are an avid bird watcher or just want to enjoy watching fluttering little creatures once in a while, birdhouses are the perfect answer. They actually attract birds to your yard. The entire family and even your friends will enjoy watching your little friends go about their daily business.

Why Store Food At Home?

Can you survive for a month without the grocery store? If you can’t then you need to make changes in your life style.

Landscaping Ideas for Wildlife Friendly Gardens

Creating wildlife friendly gardens can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. They are generally easier to maintain than traditional gardens because the planting will be suitably adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Wildlife friendly gardens don’t have to fully replicate a natural one but can be designed and shaped to look modern and contemporary. Wildlife friendly gardens should aim to create food sources, potential shelter and protection for fauna.

How Does Companion Planting Help My Home Vegetable Garden Grow Better?

Companion planting, a practice long used by organic home vegetable gardeners, supports the active and healthy growth of plants in your garden. Rather than a number of straight rows of the same vegetable, flowers, herbs and vegetables companion gardening plants are intermingled, resulting in higher yields, better flavor, more beneficial insects and fewer pests. To me, a mixed planting is more appealing and interesting than uniform rows in any type of garden endeavor.

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