8 Ways to use a Compost Sieve

Beginning Gardeners and Organic Seed: Part I

Beginning gardeners can learn skills to help them use organic seeds and growing practices. A successful first harvest can result from planting easy to grow varieties, that won’t lead to disappointment.

Interested in Making Compost, But Too Busy? You Just Need to Find the System That Suits You

Being busy in the garden does not necessarily mean that you cannot make your own compost. There are several methods of composting, some more labour-intensive than others. Cold composting, adding waste as it comes to hand to a simple pile or to a bin takes up no time at all once you have set it up.

Build a Storage Shed – Avoiding the Biggest Mistake

Before you even start searching around for various types of shed kits and blueprints the first thing to do is to make a list of all the things you want to store in your shed. You can also make a list of the ways in which you’re going to use your shed i.e. park an extra car, store gardening equipment, storing old clothes and furniture etc. This will help you determine two important factors i.e. the size of the shed and its location.

How Do I Make My Own Liquid Lawn Fertilizer?

Improve your garden and save money by making your own liquid lawn fertilizer. 2 methods are included along with step by step instructions.

Understanding Fertilizer Labels

What’s in fertilizer? What do the Fertilizer ingredients do? The numbers on any bag of fertilizer refers to the volume/percentage of primary nutrients found inside. The primary nutrients in fertilizer are: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) potassium (K).

How to Best Maximize Your Garden in 10 Steps

10 simple steps to making you and your garden more efficient. Maximizing your gardens potential while saving you time and money!

Basic Fundamental Requirements For Planning A Garden

It’s Spring. It’s time to energize yourself and the yard.Start by planning a garden. Acquiring basic knowledge about plants’ needs will help achieve a successful garden.

What Benefits Can You Get From a Fire Pit in Your Garden?

Once upon a time, I was looking for a hobby. I decided to start dealing with gardening, but after two years I got bored. I decided to hire a landscaping company to project an unique garden design for me. They offered me a fire pit, which changed my life. See how?

Organic Seed And The Urban Gardener

Organic seed can be used to plant containers for urban gardens. Smaller varieties of plants such as cherry tomatoes can be used, however stakes can be used to create vertical growth areas that also provide privacy.

Planting A Garden the “No-Till” Way

Whether you are planting a home vegetable garden or a large commercial operation, the “No-Till” method of gardening is a viable option. No-Till allows you to work in harmony with nature instead of against it. If you’re about organic produce or natural foods, you need all the help you can get from the community that lives down under.

Sustainable Certified Organic Garlic Seed Grow Multiple Cloves And Scapes

Grow garlic cloves using certified organic seed that can be sustainable saved for planting the following year. Each variety features a unique flavor or adaptability that makes it a popular selection with home gardeners.

Colorful And Dynamite Popcorn Seed For Fluffy Flavor

Experiment with different varieties of organic popcorn seeds that pop into a fluffy treat. Some varieties provide colorful red or black kernels that will delight children when they see them magically transform. Dynamite popcorn is a popular variety with a buttery flavor.

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