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How to Create a Box Ball

In horticulture topiary is the name given to the practice of shaping live plants by clipping the foliage of trees and shrubs to form clearly defined shapes. Perhaps the simplest form to create is a ball and the easiest plant to do this with is the box or buxus sempervirens. As buxus is an evergreen, a box ball will provide you with an all-year-round focal point in your garden. They are easy to look after and you will be able to see the results of your efforts quickly. Using a few rooted cuttings you should be able to develop an impressive ball shaped plant in just two years.

Start a Home Herb Garden

There are many great reasons to start your own home herb garden. Generally herbs are easy to grow and can be enjoyed by the whole family. With many varieties of colors, textures, and scents of plants available, you can literally customize your garden to suit any needs you may have.

Organic Rose Gardening: The Best Way to Grow Roses

If you are an environmentalist or just a person concerned with your surroundings, then organic rose gardening is the best way for you to grow roses. Without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals that may be bad for insects that benefit the flowers, organic rose gardening, as its name suggests, promotes the use of natural, “organic” and biodegradable or environment-friendly elements to be used as fertilizers and pesticides. Still, you are getting the results you have always wanted for your roses.

Easy Wild Flowers

Detailed article with regards to low maintenance Native Plants. Often times in my thirty year career, I have often been asked various questions that leave me lacking for an honest and sincere evaluation and without sounding critical at the same time, regarding garden plants and flowers that have few demands for continuous maintenance and care, be it pruning, division, watering and insect control.

Tips for Growing Cucumbers in Containers

Growing cucumbers in containers is the next best thing when ground space is not available. They can be grown in containers, hills or raised beds, in well drained soil generous in organic matter.

What Is Aquaponics: Facts That You Should Know

With the advancement of farming technology today, you might have encountered the word “aquaponics”. So what is aquaponics? It is a term being used for the symbiotic process in which both plants and fish have mutual relationships. It means that both of them can benefit with each other. It is a kind of environment where plants use the waste of fish as a means to live and survive and in the same way plant’s waste are used by fish to live.

Really Basic Gardening Tips

A beautiful garden does not need to have the best design and space to be profound. Simple planning and the right implementation can already make a home garden stunning.

Easy Steps in Growing Roses From Cuttings

One of the most wonderful reasons why roses are well-loved by all, aside from the fact that their flowers have no equal in beauty, is that the plants are very easy to grow. Growing roses from cuttings is one perfect example that anybody can plant roses by simply cutting a part and then replant it. Finally, this guide was aimed to offer a little more of an organized and scientific approach to ensure a very healthy plant, as a product of growing roses from cuttings.

The Beauty of a Rose Tree Garden

Somehow, the words “rose” and “tree” sound in contrast with each other, however, people have managed to come up with something interesting by growing Rose Tree Gardens. Rose tree is not as known to many like they do a rose bush because it is somewhat uncommon, to say the least. For starters, categorically, a rose tree is not a tree after all. This is something you cannot find to be naturally grown. Nature, however, gives humans the intellectual ability in creating a more beautiful earth, figuratively and literally. Question left now is how a rose tree is created.

10 Important Guidelines in Caring for Knockout Roses

Knockout roses were created to be the answer in the search for a disease resistant rose bush. These are the kind of roses that are shrub roses/bush and are able to grow at about 4 feet. If you are already familiar with knockout roses, then you know that they usually grow and bloom in late fall. Here are some useful information in caring for knockout roses.

When to Plant Roses – Rule of Thumb

One very critical factor in rose gardening is knowing the best time when to plant roses. Experts agree that while roses can grow and produce nice flowers all year round, however when it comes to planting, there are specific times to do it for the plants to grow at their healthiest.

Greenhouse Values

Greenhouses can have many dual uses. It is a shelter for a person’s assets and/or a home for plants. Making an investment to protect expensive valuables will extend the life of the property.

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