9 Garden Mistakes We Won’t Repeat Next Year

Grassland As Autumn Naturalized Bulbs

Grassland is a native of western and central Europe and can tolerate temperatures down to minus 4 Fahrenheit. It has a rather weak tube to support the flower, and sometimes flops over after a shower. Grow it in grass, where the heads may be supported by the grass itself. Alb plenum is double white, while plenum is double lilac pink.

Bold Planting Scheme in the Garden

Kinjo, commonly called red hot pokers or torch lilies, are native to grassland or by streams in southern Africa, and, like cannas, they grow from rhizomes. They like a sunny spot with moist but well drained soil. Percy’s pride grows about 4 feet tall and produces racemes with green to canary yellow flowers in late summer and early autumn.

Tips to Help You Grow a Successful Kitchen Herb Garden

Fresh herbs make your cooking taste so much better so if you spend a little time growing your own herb garden you will be able to have fresh herbs to pick whenever you want them for your cooking. To help start your herb garden read the following article.

Peonie Species

Peonies are one of the greatest flowers to grow in a family garden. However you must choose from one of the many varieties. This article provides you the information to make a smart choice.

Dahlias As an Autumn Border in the Garden

Grown from tubers, dahlias put on their main growth in summer, so by early autumn they are fully grown and at their best. They are available in a wide range of colors from yellow, orange, red, through to white, pink, mauve and purple, with some displaying two tones of color or even more. And if that was not enough to choose from, you have all the different shaped of flowers, from spiky cactus, to giant decorative, to neat pompon and small patio dahlias, to name but a few.

Hydroponic Gardening System For Raising Indoor Fruits and Vegetables

The hydroponic gardening system is one of the best plant growing approaches that you can employ. It is the very best choice if you do not have enough space and it is one of the easiest ways to take good care of the plants because of the low maintenance requirement. Hydroponic gardening produces products that are healthy and nutritious, naturally creating food that is very safe to eat.

Neem Oil Organic Gardening – Effective Organic Insecticide

Anyone who enjoys growing their own vegetables knows the frustration of finding them ruined by pests.  There are many types of insecticides available on the market, but gardeners today tend to be more conscious about the harmful effects of chemicals on their crops and on the environment.

Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Basil Indoors

There is nothing like having fresh basil handy to give your culinary creations a little extra zing of flavor. This article discusses how you can easily grow basil herbs indoors.

How to Grow Annuals For a Spectacular Summer Garden – Part 2

Now that your soil is properly prepared you should make small furrow lines in which to sow the seeds. Straight lines will do and space each one about 12 inches apart. Using a bamboo stick you can simply make imprints into the soil or if you have a straight edged rake you could use that too. The furrows should be about 1/2 inch deep.

How to Grow Annuals For a Spectacular Summer Garden – Part 1

Annuals are the fastest way to create a beautiful garden full of vibrant colour! It’s not expensive to do and even a complete novice can do it as they are so easy to grow. In this article I’ll be showing you how to quickly create a beautiful summer garden for all to admire and enjoy.

Winter Protection For Bulbs

The autumn garden is full of contrasting shapes and colors. The tall, slender flower spikes of cannas rise above the large, oval leaves, sometimes with brilliant coloring, which spiral around the stem. Tall flower spikes are also seen from late plantings of gladioli, but here the foliage is shaped like swords.

Basil Plant Basics For Herb Garden Enthusiasts

Basil Seeds and leaves of the beloved basil plant are a much used cooking staple. This herb has been used for many centuries and by cooks from a number of different countries. There is little wonder why basil is often exhorted as the king of all herbs.

Gardening Tips and Advice

After all, there is nothing better than to be guided in its path. The internet, gardening clubs, books, magazines and your local nursery could be invaluable resources for more information on gardening. Of all the information you need to begin the most important is the amount of sunlight it receives from its plot, compost, fertilizer and soil type of plot did. No other information you need.

Mini Herb Garden – Bringing Nature to Your Living Space

What is a mini herb garden? It can be defined by the size of the outdoor area allocated for herb growing or by the number of the potted herbs you have. How about by the number of the different herbs grown in one pot? The possibilities are endless, so take the opportunity to give it your own definition.

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