9 Survival Gardening Crops to Grow in a Post Apocalyptic World

How to Store Animal Manure

It is not a good idea to put fresh animal manure straight onto your land without first letting it rot down. The rotting down of the manure helps to stabilise the nitrogen and potassium it contains and should also help to reduce any chemical residues and to a certain extent will kill of some weed seeds with the heat that is produced in the rotting down process. It is a good idea to compost small quantities of fresh manure through the compost heap because it will act as an activator, which is always good.

Planting Companions for Your Tomatoes

There’s a classic book called Carrots love Tomatoes that was written by a North American woman, Louise Riotte, nearly four decades ago. Considered by many to be the “bible” of companion planting, it was first published in 1975, and is still on the bookstore bookshelves years after her death in 1998.

Landscaping With Wildflowers, Native Plants and Trees

Landscaping with native plants or naturescaping is an effective way of maintaining ecological balance. It helps us to live in harmony with the nature and wildlife. With the countless number of native plants and trees available in the country, it becomes easier to grow them in the home gardens.

Rose Growing

Learn the secrets of growing roses successfully. When to prune as well as how to prune. Do I transplant my roses now? What are the best roses?

150 Watt HPS – Getting Your Kids Interested in Gardening Is Easy

Are you looking for an easy winter project that will keep your children’s interest throughout the cold months? Starting a garden inside is one way to do that. Many children think you put plants out in the spring and then everything grows and dies off in the fall. With a simple 150 watt HPS lamp, a reflector and some seed trays, you can give your children the experience of watching plants grow in the winter.

December Gardening Tips and Snips

During December there is an assorted array of colourful houseplants available such as Poinsettias, Cyclamen and Azaleas. Poinsettias offer a traditional Christmas feel to your room but require a little extra care to keep them looking good.

What Is Aqauponics?

Information about what an aquaponics system is including how a simple aquaponics system operates. Also the benefits you’ll get from setting up your own home aquaponics system.

How to Worm Compost

Just about anyone from school-aged kids to adults can learn how to worm compost. It is done by growing worms in compost. This can be done in a compost pile of any size and shape.

Kitchen Composting – What’s It All About

Have you wished for an easier way to get compost? Try kitchen composting. Learn how this method works for creating a better garden.

Best Houseplants to Use for Clean Air

Well you may think the outdoors can be fairly polluted sometimes but actually most homes suffer from indoor pollution. Just think on any average day the pollutants residing in your home due to cooking, bathroom plus all the unnatural cleaning products like air fresheners, plastics, insecticides and many others that we use to try and rid our home of all these pollutants that we use. In fact indoor pollution has been measured at more than eleven times what outdoor pollution can be and just imagine the effect it has on us breathing all this in, plus damage to our skin….

Cat Safe Houseplants

Home owners should be aware that cats and some houseplants just cannot exist together. To get a full list of these plants you could contact your local ASPCA or SPCA but we can give you a broad outline of cat safe houseplants in this short article. So before you bring that precious kitten home yes it’s best to check what’s safe and what isn’t for sure, some like English Ivy is poisonous to your cat which is such a shame because its such a lovely plant and is just fantastic as one of the best plants to clean air…

Maximize the Germination of Your Vegetable Seeds

Nothing is more frustrating then when you can not seem to get your vegetable seeds to germinate. You get excited for gardening season to roll around, have your vegetable seeds ready to go, plant them in some soil, wait, and nothing happens. There could be a number of factors as to why this could be. Here are some suggestions to help with maximizing the germination of your Vegetable Seeds.

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