9 Tomato Growing Tips (That Actually Work)

The Choice is Yours – Attached Or Freestanding Greenhouse

There are advantages to having an attached or freestanding greenhouse. The decision is yours, however you should consider the visual appeal that will be created when you build your greenhouse.

4 Tips on How to Grow the Roses

There’s a reason why some people can grow the roses to be bountiful, healthy looking flowers and others cannot. It’s very important when you first start this satisfying hobby, that you have the basic steps already learned.

Moribana – The Ohara School of Ikebana

Up until the mid-19th century, for nearly 250 years, Japan isolated itself from the outside world and therefore outside influence. It is widely known that during this time of seclusion (Edo period 1615-1868) the traditional Japanese culture and the arts, which included Ikebana, achieved a pinnacle of refinement followed by a period where little change was seen. In the late 19th century Japan came out of its isolation and upon opening its doors was flooded with American and European culture.

Discover the Many Uses of an Italian Herb Garden

Creating an Italian herb garden has a large number of possibilities. Italian herbs have infused the most famous, and delicious, Italian dishes for centuries. This cuisine is marked by its use of herbs.

Snowdrops and How to Make the Best of Early Season Flowers

Although it’s only the middle of January, we are now well past the shortest days of winter and throughout the garden plants are beginning to stir. The catkins on birch, hazel and Garrya are starting to lengthen, Bergenia buds are getting fatter and the bronze foliage of Ranunculus ‘Brazen Hussy’ is poking boldly through a carpet of autumn leaves I have yet to collect. There is even a rather bedraggled primrose in full flower in my front garden.

Using a Knife For Garden Work

If you start looking at a knife as a tool rather than just a weapon, you will open the door to it’s many fantastic uses. Knives come in many varieties that are quite useful for gardening. With a little research you’ll be surprised at what’s out there.

6 Techniques For Growing Concord Grapes

More and more people are becoming interested in growing their own grapes. And amongst all the grape varieties, the concord grapes is one of the most popular types that home gardeners prefer to grow on their own. However, growing concord grapes may become tricky for those people who don’t really know how to.

Making Your Own Organic Garden – Easy Tips on How to Have One in Your House

Starting your own organic garden at home is really not that hard. Basically, everything should be pure organic. It only means that products are free from harmful chemicals and components.

Alternative Ways to Get Water For Your Backyard Garden

There are many things that can be done to save water while having your backyard garden. Some are simple and others complex but they will help save water to use on your garden.

How to Create a Raised Bed in Your Garden

The site you select for your garden is important. If the spot you selected does not drain properly, you may want to create a raised garden bed.

Indoor Bonsai Tree – Avoid a Bonsai Disaster!

It can be a very relaxing and rewarding activity to grow and cultivate an indoor bonsai tree. In order to give your indoor bonsai tree the largest chance of success you need to pay attention to such things as type of tree, location the tree is placed, type of soil, amount of water and fertilizer needed, pot used, and tools used for pruning and shaping.

The Essentials of Composting

Distinct from mulch per se, compost is decayed organic material used as a fertilizer for growing plants. It is matter that is almost completely broken down or decomposed. The benefit of compost is that it gives you an earthy, dark, crumbly soil that is excellent for all plants due to having been enriched by the decomposed materials.

Mulch to Your Heart’s Content – Part One

Spreading mulch over your garden provides multiple benefits including protecting the health of your plants. It is never a wasted exercise.

Get Spring Color With Primroses

Primroses, or primulas, are a large group of flowering plants that are often the first touch of color in spring. Easy to grow with the right conditions, they make good container as well as garden plants. Explore the four common kinds of primroses with me, and choose to add some color to brighten your spring days.

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