9 Ways to Save Money in the Garden πŸ’Έ

How to Plant Tomatoes – Ten Top Hints For Growing Tomatoes

It is all in the ground work so they say – a good hint is to rotate your soil throughout January and February. You will be amazed at how many pest eggs have been hiding in your soil over the winter and if you open them up to the frosts you hopefully will have less insects throughout the year.

Growing Melampodium Flower in the Home Landscape

Learn to grow melampodium flower in the home landscape for an abundance of bright, yellow flowers in the annual flower garden. Resistant to pests and disease and tolerant of heat and drought, these easy-care plants are great for novice or experienced gardeners.

Home Herb Garden – If You Love Herbs, Start One Today

Interest in herb gardening has surged recently along with the growing desire to make more healthful choices. Growing your own herbs offers you and your family a great deal of enjoyment and numerous benefits.

Indoor Organic Container Gardening – Kids at Work

Indoor gardening is so much fun whenever you do it together with your children because you will be able to teach them so many things that they could not learn in school. Also, since spring is just around the corner, you can have this great bonding activity with your kids. Spring is indeed the best time of the year because the weather is undoubtedly perfect.

Home Gardening Advantages

Each year more and more people take up home gardening, some feeling the need to save money, garden in order to provide cheaper and healthier food for their families. Others choose home gardening as a way to relax, relieve stress and provide their yards and homes with beautiful live plants.

Transplanting Roses in a Successful Manner

Transplanting Roses is hard on a plant and doesn’t always go well. This explains how to have a successful transplant.

How to Make Rose Potpourri and Enjoy the Scent When Blooms Are Gone

Most people enjoy the scent and beauty of fresh roses. In fact, they are one of the most popular garden flowers grown.

Benefits of and Materials Needed in Plant Cloning

One of the most efficient ways to propagate plants is through cloning, which is an asexual method compared to seed cultivation. For the beginner gardener, there are three methods for plant cloning – layering, cutting and grafting.

Hibiscus Flowers

These flower add to the charm and beauty of your garden. There are different types of hibiscus, varying in color and size. As the name suggests this is a tropical flower.

What is a Bonsai?

What do you see when you look at a bonsai tree? Do you see the agricultural skill of the grower who grew the tree, or do you see the artistic flair of the same grower who patiently groomed and trained the bonsai? A bonsai is both, part agriculture and part artist.

Rose Gardening

Roses have gotten a bad wrap over the years for being difficult to grow and maintain. If you are thinking of rose gardening don’t let this rumor stop you.

Q & A on Starting Vegetable Container Gardening

The best benefit there is to container gardening is that you can set your green thumb to work even with a small container. You can use just about anything around the house from planter boxes and plastic jugs to wooden baskets and large terracotta pots to start your garden, be it for flowers, herbs and even vegetables.

Steps to Perfect Plant Cloning

For many beginner gardeners, the idea of plant cloning may be difficult. Images of complicated tools, of technical jargons and of complex processes probably come to mind. In reality, fortunately, plant cloning is not as difficult as it appears to be especially with these easy steps.

Advantages When Growing Herbs in Pots

Even though growing herbs in pots need to be watered regularly and sometimes to be fertilized, we can say that diseases and pests problems are eliminated. There are a lot of advantages when it comes to growing herbs in pots.

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