A Burst of Color for the Garden

Bring In A Little Winter Sunshine With Bonsai Jasmine

Most people are unsure of which plant to choose when they first decide to learn the art of bonsai. It is but natural that they look for plants that are easy to manage and ones that do not require much care and trouble to grow. The bonsai jasmine is one of the best plants that one can experiment with when learning to bonsai trees.

Buy the Proper Orchid Growing Supplies To Provide Optimal Care Of Your Orchids

You need to be ready with your orchid growing supplies when you are at last determine to pursue your love of orchids. The most important thing about growing these special plants is that you must be knowledgeable in how to take care of them.

Autumn Hints and Tips for Gardeners

With the new season underway here is some helpful advice for those who want to get the best from their gardens in autumn. Autumn is a mellow time for gardeners. Seed-heads and berries may look their best but the changing colour of leaves signals the beginning of the end of the growing season.

Caring for Orchids Made Simple

Many people have the wrong impression that the care of orchids is either easy or it is difficult to cultivate. In fact, this is so far from the truth as possible. There are over 25,000 species of orchids than 100,000 hybrids as well.

Compost: Turning Your Cast-Off Food Into Gold

Creating rich soil to enhance the health of your plants is easy to do. It keeps the bugs away, makes your flowers, shrubs, trees, and garden strong, and puts your own scraps to good use rather than taking up space in landfills.

Show Your Masterpiece in Gardening With a Cedar Planter

You like gardening and you are very good at it and there is the proof of your masterpiece in your garden at your house. But now that you are about to move in an apartment because you are entering college and you don’t have enough space for a garden, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful garden anymore. You can still plant flowers that will grow beautifully and you can make your apartment more attractive than your neighboring houses. And this is possible with a cedar planter.

Paphiopedilum Orchids – 4 Easy Guidelines to Growing Them

Overview Paphiopedilum orchids are commonly referred to as Lady Slipper Orchids. This exotic beauty has about 60 varieties and naturally grows in the wilds of India and other parts of Asia like Burma, South China, Indonesia, New Guinea and The Philippines Solomon Islands. Paphiopedilum orchids have a wide array of colors that usually fascinates flower enthusiasts.

Orchid Yellow Leaves – Is Your Orchid Sick?

There are ways to tell upon looking if your orchids are suffering. Improper watering and sunlight can be detected quickly by orchid yellow leaves. Lighting is an important part of caring for your orchids.

Bringing Your Tropical Plants Inside for the Winter

As fall creeps towards winter, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your tropical potted plants against the upcoming colder temperatures. And although we all have different definitions of “cold,” for a tropical plant that starts at 55 deg. Fahrenheit.

Handy Tips for Storing Onions

This article on storing onions include the essential tips for preservation of onions from your garden. You just have to decide which of the described methods suits you and your family better.

How To Care For Grape Vine Growing on a Trellis

If you want to grow your vineyard efficiently then you must grow them on a trellis. Grape vines like any other vines cannot hold up their own weight. Grape vine growing needs a trellis in order to put up with the weight of the fruit bearing spurs and the arms. One of the benefits of making a grape trellis is the space. The space will no longer be an issue and grape growing be done not only in a huge vineyard with several hundred acres but in a backyard as well. This grape trellis can come in various different kinds that fit both the owner and the variety of grape species.

All About Growing Grapes on a Trellis

Just as you need a stable foundation to grow off of, so do your grape vines. Here is some great information on tending to a grape vine growing on a trellis.

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