A Container Garden for your Landscape

Groundcover For Shady Areas

The biggest problem with shady area is they tend to be hard to keep things growing in the yard especially under large trees. There is a solution for those bare spots and that is shade loving groundcovers.

Proper Propagation of Bonsai by Root Cuttings

Propagating bonsai plants from root cuttings can be as satisfying as growing from seeds. It is almost as easy and is a quick method of raising good quality plants at little to no cost. I have discovered that a number of deciduous species root easily from semi ripe and hard wood cutting.

The Autumn Care and Feeding of Fruit Producing Bonsai Trees

Autumn is a very pleasant season, in which there is plenty of time to enjoy your bonsai trees at your leisure and contemplate what pre-season care you may bestow upon them. Repotting your bonsai in autumn is not highly recommended but is sometimes necessary.

Rose Care Throughout the Year

Rose care needs to be continued throughout the year. Deadheading roses will encourage more flower growth but it needs to be done lightly near the end of the growing season so the new growth will harden before winter begins.

Growing Winter Tomatoes: A How-To Guide

When winter, otherwise known as frost, sets in, and conditions for growing tomatoes become harsh, you can extend the season by growing the tomatoes inside your house where the conditions can be regulated. You can go about this by starting the plants in the outdoor garden. The biggest benefit of doing this is that the seeds at this time are so cheap.

Tips On Rose Gardening

Can you ever talk about flowers without mentioning roses? Of course not. With all the various lovely flowers in this earth, nothing can surpass the fame rose’s posses. Even from the ancient times, they are already used as a form of perfume. Until today, petals are still extracted so that the fragrance of roses can be used and worn by people who love it.

A Portable Greenhouse Can Be The Answer

Many people want to have greenhouse in the garden, but often do not go ahead and buy one simply because they do not have much space and they do not want to use up that space by installing something that they cannot move to another location very easily. However, there are now a range of portable greenhouses on the market which can solve the problem easily. This article will take a look at some of the various things you need to consider when choosing a greenhouse type, and the advantages that you can gain by installing the portable style.

Home Vegetable Gardening Made Easy With These 4 Tips

Don’t make home vegetable gardening harder or more complicated than it has to be. You may overwhelm yourself an invariably give up. Instead, follow these 4 tips, to keep home vegetable gardening light and more reasonably maintainable.

Fence Finials Can Add A Touch Of Class

For many people, a simple plain fence is all that is required to boundary off their property, and the last thing they want is any frills or decoration. However, many other people really want to turn the fence into something special, and for these people fence finials can be an answer to the problem of uninspiring fences. This article will take a look at what can be achieved by installing finials, and some of the choices that need to be made.

7 Tips For Using White Orchids And Various Colors To Brighten Your Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most special day’s of peoples lives. It’s often a day full of elegance and grace, which can be seen beautifully complimented with the right orchid arrangements.

A Guide For Taking Care Of Orchids

Orchids are a great beauty. Once you have one, it would only take you months to enjoy their alluring and magical spell. Their colourful and catchy flower forms make them different from those flower plants in that grow on the land. However, before you can actually enjoy the full loveliness of these plants, you have to give some effort in taking care of them.

Holly Christmas Flowers

The holly is among one of the prettiest Christmas flowers that we enjoy during the festive holiday season. These Christmas flowers can be grown in a garden as a bush or the landscape as a tree or large shrub to add color to a winter landscape.

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