A Container Garden With Color and Texture for the Shade

Rhodiola Rosea: The Plant That Helps Us Cope

If you haven’t heard about rhodiola rosea, you are missing out on something that is of a great help to many people. Whether someone has outright depression or just wants to find it easier to cope with life changes, rhodiola is the ‘go to’ answer.

How To Grow Grape Vines and Why Top Soil Erosion Is Good

Introduction to how to grow grape vines, including a review of tips beginners aren’t likely to heed. Reveals insights into key soil qualities that make a big difference. Explores the value of a soil test and how to use it to stack the deck in your favor. Yields instructive and actionable information for how and when to fertilize. Notes the importance of drainage as it relates to watering.

Water A Vegetable Garden Essential

Water is essential in the vegetable garden, or to phrase it correctly the proper amount of water is essential in the vegetable garden. All plants require water without it they will die, but with too much of it they will die as well.

Buying A Gas Powered Blower Vacuum? You Should Read This First

More and more every year the leaf rake is placed into retirement and replaced with a powerful hand held power tool that will easily move enormous amounts of leaves into piles where they can be vacuumed up by the same tool. A very important feature to search for is the ability to remove the pickup tube if it clogs without the use of specialized tools such as tork screw drivers. All in all most owners report that they would never go back to the old rake but do advise doing a little research to find just the right blower vacuum for your yard.

Delicious Strawberries With Pyramid In Concrete In Gardening

Now that plastics and treated wood are poorly regarded, some green thumbs are trying concrete in gardening. Concrete bricks, even more than regularly formed concrete do leach calcium oxide, also known as lime. There are extremely minute amount of ingredients, thicyanote and resin acids, which are toxic, and can also leach but most of the research seems related to long time exposure to water.

Basic Composting for the Survival Gardener

Composting is not nearly as hard as many people think it is. It is nature’s way of recycling–and nature tends to do things the easy way–no need to complicate things! We have the ability to imitate nature’s actions and decompose waste in our own backyards to be used in our gardens. In this article, I will provide the basic steps and ingredients needed to create nutrient-rich compost for your survival garden!

Wind Chimes and Feng Shui

The Beauty and Art of Wind Chimes – Wind chimes are very common now and could be found in a lot of stores, both online and offline. But did you know that they go back a long way in history? The earliest known chimes were found in India, where they were known as wind bells.

Growing Herbs In Pots and Neighbors Who Think You Grow Pot

Introduction to growing herbs in pots, covering the way that herbs are as easily grown in pots as in the ground. Reveals insights into how to meet the three basic requirements of herb growing. Explores the preferred soil, as well as ways to improve your soil if necessary. Yields instructive and actionable information on the multiple benefits of container herbs and how they can easily be moved about. Notes how best to handle frost when growing herbs.

Tomato Growing Tips and Watching Out For Shade Leaves

Introduction to tomato growing tips, covering a variety of things you can do to increase success. Reveals insights into the value of warming the soil prior to planting. Explores the importance using this plant depth to add results. Yields instructive and actionable information for watering guidelines to increase sweetness. Notes the way shallow watering can unwind one of your tomato growing tips.

Water Orchids – Or Maybe Just They’re Rocks

Introduction to how best to water orchids, noting how this is one of the best skills you can learn. Reveals insights into the native habitat of orchids as it informs how we care for them. Explores the creative ways we can create ideal watering conditions. Yields instructive and actionable information how to specially pot orchids to avoid over-watering and reduce maintenance. Notes how proper fertilizer can optimize results.

Grapes For Growing and Picking Your Neighbors Brain

Introduction to some of the best grapes for growing, including a mention that we do not need perfect conditions. Reveals insights into how grapes are hardy and adaptable, but we can stack the deck with proper selection. Explores the fact that we can also always influence production through soil improvements. Yields instructive and actionable information on the best characteristics of certain hybrids, and what to consider. Notes the special benefits of checking with local growers, whether or not you like their recommendation.

Three Pillars of Basic Orchid Care

The three basic ingredients to orchid care are temperature, water, and light. If you can monitor and control these variables you can keep any orchid alive. It is important to stay persistent in monitoring of these key factors to allow your orchid to be healthy.

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