A Container Recipe For Truly Hot Weather

Old Wine Barrels Make Great Garden Planters

Do you have any old wine barrels sitting around and taking up space that could be put to better use? Well, if you do any sort of gardening you should know that your old wine barrels made from oak make fantastic garden barrel planters.

What Kind of Flowers Grow Well in Hot Climates?

Would you like to know about a flower that blooms all year long? It only needs water about once a week and loves the heat and Sun!

Why Choose Non-Selective Weedkiller?

There are many different types of weedkiller available on the market – but which one should you choose? The different types can be split into two basic groups – selective and non-selective. Selective weedkiller will target a specific group of plants and non-specific weedkiller will kill all plant life it comes into contact with. This article will explain when non-selective weedkiller should be used and how it works.

Choosing the Best Greenhouse Design

Owning a greenhouse doesn’t mean you have to pick up and move to Florida when cold wintery conditions seemingly put a stop to your gardening for several months. You can keep on bringing out the seeds and grow several types of plant-life no matter the time of year.

Building Your Own Greenhouse – Choosing Your Heaters

Plants need heat to survive, and while a naked greenhouse provides insulation, it does not provide warmth. Instead of relying on nature to heat up the greenhouse, installing heaters will ensure that the temperature within the greenhouse will be consistent and conducive to the growth of your plants. Find out what you need to consider when looking for heaters for your greenhouse.

Accessories – What Do You Need When Building Your Greenhouse?

A greenhouse isn’t just a glass shell for plants to live in – it is a carefully monitored climate containing structure. Whilst they are called accessories, these items are, in fact, indispensable for a successful greenhouse. Find out what accessories you need to let your plants thrive.

Why Compost: 8 Terrific Reasons to Compost

Compost is the gardener’s secret weapon. Find out why by learning 8 facts about compost.

A Few Greenhouse-Building Tips

Not sure sure how to go about building a greenhouse? This article will give you a few tips on what to consider when you get started.

The Importance of Good Soil

One of the most important things for a gardener to remember is plants grow in soil. For good healthy plants with great tasting vegetables and vibrant blooms you need a healthy soil with vibrant life. It is not hard to get nor to maintain.

Use The Rule Of Three To Make Homemade Compost Bins

While composting is the art of aiding natural processes to allow organic material to rot, there can be some confusion over the making of homemade compost bins. It is useful to keep in mind the rule of three when planning or building the bins. The rule of three calls for three bins each three feet cubed and open three ways to hold three elements of life.

Design A Vegetable Garden For Great Results

One of the best ways to ensure success is to plan for it. Garden design is a great way to plan for next year’s successful garden and winter is a great time to do it although it continues throughout the year. Most garden activity slows to a crawl or disappears altogether during the months of snow and ice but some simple planning can keep the excitement alive.

Building A Greenhouse: A Flourishing Bubble of Plant Growth

Why do people use greenhouses? Well, greenhouses are one of the best ways for growing plants all year round. Find out why a greenhouse is so important for your plants to grow safely.

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