A Cottage Garden Full of Color!

Mini Greenhouse – Grow Your Favorite Plants Year Round

Maybe you’re a gardening aficionado or maybe you’re just a novice. A mini greenhouse is a wonderful tool for growing plants all year long. Harsh winters can take a toll on plants grown outside. Leaving them to the winter elements could ultimately lead to a lot of hard work being ruined. Why leave your plantings at risk when they can be house securely in a natural environment?

Gardening Indoors With Soil & Hydroponics – Aquaponics and Hydroponics, the Future Urban Agriculture

The hydroponics or aquaponics concept also makes sense for long-term underground shelters in case of catastrophe – underground human cities, and, the bio-fuel folks are thinking here too; i.e. – giant buildings, hangars of algae growing in a hydroponics system, which keeps the product and algae out of the natural environment, ground water, and waterways.

How to Add Manure to Your Home Vegetable Garden

There are all kinds of ways to add great organic compost to your home vegetable garden. If you have never thought of using manure, now is the time. Here is how you can easily add it.

Indoor Tomato Plants – You Can Now Grow Tomatoes Indoors With New Indoor Tomato Plants

Of the many types of indoor fruit trees, the new indoor tomato plant is sure to be the most popular, especially with the fluctuating price of tomatoes in the grocery store. Here’s a quick guide for buying and caring for indoor tomato plants…

Spring is in the Air

All around the United States, the same fever is spreading. The “let’s leave Winter behind” and “let’s start Spring.” Even people who don’t have gardens are coming out of their burrows to schedule bicycle rides, walks around the neighborhood, jogs along pathways, schedule engagements across a table of an outdoor cafe.

Spring Bulbs

The green shoots of spring bulbs forcing their way through the garden soil in February are a welcome sight. For not only do they foretell the arrival of spring, but their colourful flowers brighten the garden and lift our spirits.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hedge Trimmer

When buying a hedge trimmer, there a few questions you need to ask yourself. What job am I buying this trimmer for. Is it for trimming long or short hedges?

Reliable Spring Colour

When the flower buds of spring bulbs start to swell and take on colour it won’t be long before the whole display is in full swing and the drama of the flower border will unfold. Even if you don’t plant your spring flowering bulbs in the autumn you can still catch up by buying ready grown pots of bulbs at the garden centre. You don’t need many to make a great impact and you can plant them all around the garden to add instant colour to pots, beds and borders.

Quick General Care of Roses

Caring for roses can be very simple, but there are some things that must be done. Learn how to do a few quick tasks that will ensure that you grow the best roses possible.

What Kind of Disease Does My Rose Bush Have?

There are 5 diseases that are the most common ones everybody who grows roses, should be familiar with. There are preventative measures you can easily take.

Lawn Care – Early Spring

After a difficult winter the effects of the weather will have taken their toll on most garden lawns. The weight of the snow and the very heavy rainfall will have helped compact many lawns, making them slow to drain and leaving the grass roots prone to rotting and water damage.

Home Herb Garden – The Benefits

There are great reasons to have a home herb garden (by the way it is pronounced either urb or hurb) but first what is an herb? Technically it is a seed producing flowering plant that does not produce woody stems. Non-technically it is a low growing aromatic (has a pleasant smell) plant used either fresh or dried for seasoning, medicinal purposes or even in perfumes.

How To – Inside & Outside Living

With the Spring bulbs now again starting to poke through the previously frozen soil of our gardens, we are again entering that time of year when many of us gardeners start getting seriously busy. Here I take a look at what’s involved.

Easy to Build Greenhouse – Stop Getting Frustrated and Start Making Micro Greenhouses

You have been thinking about building a greenhouse, but you don’t want to spend a lot and have one that will take long to build and set up. What you want is an easy to build greenhouse that will be up and running in about 2-5 days… if you start working on it right now you could be growing vegetables before everyone else.

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