A Garden Makeover for a Friend

Orchids – Watering Lessons for the Novice Gardener

Watering orchids correctly will be greatly rewarded. Discover simple techniques to help your plant thrive.

Introduction to Growing Orchids

Growing orchids is not necessarily difficult, but the huge number of orchid varieties and their vastly different care requirements can make it seem so. Before starting with orchids, be sure to spend time researching and identify a variety that you like, and whose care requirements work with your lifestyle. This combined with choosing a good supplier, will make the experience a lot easier and more enjoyable!

Weeding Basic Techniques

Weeds are nothing more than plants growing where they are not wanted. There are several techniques you can adopt to reduce the number of weeds in the garden and, therefore, the time spent weeding. There are two types of weeds, annual weeds, such as groundsel and chickweed, which grow from seed, flower and set seed again in one season; and perennial weeds, such as dock, bindweed, couch grass and thistle, which survive for more than two growing seasons and often many years. It is important to remove all weeds before they flower and set seed, otherwise you will be weeding for many seasons to come, and after all, a single weed can scatter many thousands of viable seeds neat and far.

Orchids Arrangements for Celebrations

If there’s one flower that’s unique and elegant, and almost perfect in its delicacy… it’s the orchid. Having orchids arrangements will certainly beautify any place and any celebration.

Late Summer Lawn and Garden Chores

Although it may still be officially summer by the calendar, it is the best time of year to prepare for autumn lawn and garden care. Leaves may have already begun to change, and the weather is perfect for starting grass seed.

Phalaenopsis Orchids: A Great Plant for Beginners to Orchid Growing

The Phalaenopsis, also known as the phal orchid, is a great orchid to grow for beginners. Over 70 species of this genus exist, with over thousands of hybrids. If you find yourself in a florist shop or a greenhouse, this is the orchid you will commonly see.

Recommended Instructions and Precautions for Growing California Poppies

Learn these recommended instructions and precautions for growing California poppies. Planting California poppies can be enjoyable and educational at the same time. Knowing how to grow California poppies properly will ensure that you have a good harvest.

Choosing The Right Roses For Your Rose Garden

As a child I remember picking out roses from my Grandma’s garden and smelling their beautiful scent all through the day. In fact, there were always roses in my Grandma’s home, she loved the flowers, and said they made her extremely happy.

The Pleasures of Organic Gardening

Gardening has always been a source of relaxation and contentment for many folks, not to mention a source of fresh vegetables to enjoy during the growing season. A small area for a garden or even growing plants in large pots can be rewarding.

The Key Steps To Creating Your Own Environmentally Friendly Garden

If you’re looking for something to do, you could make an indoor garden. It’s nice, classy and can really set a place off. A good way to decide on what you’re actually going to plant is to check out what herbs you’ve got in your cupboard.

How To Prune Orchids Correctly

Pruning orchids is one of the best practices you can do to promote growth and health in your plant. Learn more here.

Growing Asparagus In The Home Garden

Asparagus, one of the earliest crops of the season. This hardy perennial will produce fresh tender spears from early spring until the arrival of warm weather. This crop needs a winter dormancy period to produce a thriving spring crop. Once harvested, the mature asparagus plant will grow to a height of 4 to 6 feet and a width of about 3 feet, producing decorative feathery plumes that should be left on the plant until they naturally dry out in the fall.

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