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Compost Gardening Dangers: Composting Precautions and Warnings

In this educational how-to garden guide, you will be introduced to the warnings and precautions, associated with, at home compost gardening. While beneficial in numerous ways, it is crucial that each gardener knows and understands the precautions and warnings that are associated with the process of composting.

Organic Harvest Month

Did you know September is “Organic Harvest Month”? If you’ve ever been interested in learning about and growing organic food, this month is the best time to get started. September was chosen as Organic Harvest month by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) back in 1992. You will find many businesses, food co-ops and community gardens hosting special celebrations in honor of Organic Harvest Month.

Perfect Plants for Your Patio

The patio is often the best place in the garden to place specimen plants that show themselves off and give an instant effect. Because most of the plants we place on our patio are in containers its quick and easy to replace those not looking their best or add to your collection by placing a plant in a suitable pot to create a new look in an instance. Here are a few stunning plants that make great specimens for any patio.

3 Common Problems In Hydroponics And How To Fix Them

From time to time, hydroponic growers may face problems with their hydroponic systems and plants. Some problems can easily be resolved without causing too much stress. But there are some issues that can be quite confusing even for the most experienced grower. The most common issues in hydroponic gardens usually involve nutrition deficiency, algae growth, pests and pathogens. If you’re new to this type of gardening, being aware of the common problems that you may encounter and the best ways to fix them is important in order to produce healthy and high yielding plants.

3 Ways Culinary Lavender Can Help You Find the Love of Your Life

If you are looking for love, or just looking to cook some delicious food, culinary lavender is a definite must. Taking the proverb ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ as inspiration, I have collated my 3 favourite lavender recipes, which was in itself a very tough task, considering the possibilities of culinary lavender in food are almost endless!

27 Uses for Mint: The Best Growing Herb in Your Garden

Mint is one of the best growing herbs in any garden. Its versatility is amazing. It can be used in recipes, for household uses and medicinal purposes.

Aquaponics for Beginners

The weather is starting to feel like fall. The nights drop into the mid forties’ here in southern Colorado. Now is the time to think about gardening for the next spring, so we are always open to new ideas.

How Do Automatic Robotic Lawnmowers Work? (And How to Choose the Best!)

When shopping for a robotic lawn mower, it helps to know a bit about what they are, how they work, and which brands are considered to be the best. This article will go through many common options, and prepare you for the all-important decision: which one is right for me?

What To Look For When You Visit Local Nurseries

If you need to check out one or more nurseries as you improve your yard, there are some things you should keep in mind. Consider these details when you go.

The Importance of Flowers

Flowers are essential for plant survival. Their brightly coloured petals, aromatic scent and sweet nectar are all designed to attract insects – such as bees, wasps and butterflies to fulfil one task – pollination.

How to Prune an Apple Tree and Get a Pyramid Shape

You prune an apple tree to encourage sturdy and solid structure (on a young tree); and maintain good shape as well as encourage fruit production (on a mature tree). The most ideal time of the year to prune an apple tree is in late winter or early spring, just before new growth begins to sprout. The only thing you have to trim or get rid of in summer when your tree is actively developing, is the sucker.

Relieving Stress Through Planting Vegetable Gardens

There are many benefits to planting, growing and maintaining a vegetable garden including relieving stress and muscle tension. Working in the garden can be a peaceful experience that helps people to relax. Gardening consists of simple but necessary tasks that focus the mind on activities that are rewarding and produce tangible results that can be enjoyed and shared with friends. Planting a vegetable garden may be a good solution for people looking to reduce stress.

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